Fall Lawns and Outdoor Spaces Right On Point

With over a decade of experience in the landscaping and lawn care industry, Point Outdoors, LLC, knows the importance of a great looking, nicely manicured outdoor space. Owner David Heffington II and his team of lawncare experts take immense pride in working with homeowners and local businesses in Franklin and surrounding areas. They specialize in landscaping, irrigation, outdoor lighting, drainage solutions, and when fall rolls around, they are your experts in lawn maintenance including aerating, seeding and fertilization.

David explains, "My father instilled in me a love for the outdoors and a strong work ethic.  I take great pride in creating and maintaining beautiful lawns, landscapes and illuminated spaces for family and friends to enjoy." He also enjoys spending his time mentoring younger kids who are willing to work hard to get their start in the landscaping business. Both David and his wife Sarah were raised in the Middle
Tennessee area, and Franklin is where they call home.

The key component to a beautiful lawn is preparing it for the colder months ahead. David notes, “If a lawn is in pretty rough shape, we’ll take a soil sample to check the pH level which should be at a 6 or 7 on an acidity scale of 0-14. Once that’s obtained, we aerate the lawn which pokes holes in it about the length of a finger to allow more air and moisture to penetrate the soil.”

Next comes seeding. “We lay down fescue seed after aerating to obtain the best results, and within two weeks you’ll see the sprouts in your lawn,” says David. “In Middle Tennessee, the end of September through October is prime time for seeding.”

Fertilizing is an equally important part of the fall lawn prep process. Point Outdoors uses a “triple 15” fertilizer, which contains equal parts (15-15-15) of phosphorus, nitrogen and potash - the three key elements to help ensure a lawn will take root, grow strong and stay healthy. He adds, “One of the most important steps homeowners most often neglect is ample watering. Water, water, water after seeding!” 

Point Outdoors also winterizes sprinkler systems and adjusts outdoor lighting systems to accommodate the shorter days of fall and winter. They offer maintenance plans and are currently offering a COVID-19 19% off special on landscape lighting installs.

Every lawn and outdoor space is its own masterpiece. The good news is that Point Outdoors is here to help prepare you to enjoy the cooler months ahead.

Point Outdoors, LLC
“Luxury On Point”

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