Falling For Neutrals

Seasonal Decor Tips for Keeping It Simple

I love decorating for the holiday season, but it gets tough if trying to keep a home decor airy, light and neutral. My home is full of neutrals, such as linen, khaki, white and gray, so decorating for the holidays can be tricky with the bright and bold themes on display at the stores. Here are tips regarding how to achieve a festive look without going overboard.

Less is More

First, whenever decorating for the holiday season, I clear what's possible to make room for what's coming. I eliminate decor pieces that are displayed year-round to avoid adding clutter to rooms. Giving decor pieces or floral arrangements their own space to shine can pull the room together and make it feel very designed.

Stick to the Palette

As best as possible, I try to stick to each of the color palettes in my room. When it’s time to bring out pumpkins or holiday Santas, I stick to white and neutral or add in color pops of gold and silver to keep everything flowing. If I start to add too many primary colors, it ends up looking like a mash-up gone astray.

Celebrate Memories

The holidays are often bursting with family traditions and memories, and decor can reflect that, too. I have many items handed down over the years that I like admiring, but if they aren’t quite right for my room, there are options to bring the spirit of them to life. Framed holiday family photos in a black and white filter are an excellent way to tie in your history of celebrating in a subtle way.

Look to Nature

Some of my favorite items to use for holiday decor come from a simple nature walk. Using actual items you find, or just getting inspiration from the outdoors is a great way to bring sights of the season indoors. For fall, elements such as branches, leaves and neutral gourds match with everything. For winter, I love using sticks with berries or evergreen branches with pine cones to fill vases. Add a battery-operated strand of lights and you’re looking just like a designer home magazine spread.

Go Cozy

Swapping out usual throw pillows and throw blankets for plushy, cuddly materials and seasonal prints are another simple way to add holiday spirit without being so literal. Opting for neutral plaids, cable knits, or sherpa materials add that feeling of fall and winter

Cater to all the Senses

Don’t forget about the smell! Stocking up on candles that smell like the season is the last missing piece for a holiday vibe. The total sensory feeling of the holidays is what really brings a home to life, whether it's pumpkin spice burning for Thanksgiving or a fresh pine and cedar for Christmas.

If items aren’t working together, don’t be afraid to get crafty. Painting pumpkins with spray paint or tying some neutral ribbons around existing vases is an easy and affordable way to make them fit a specific aesthetic.

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