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Photo by Cindy's Photo Impressions

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Family is Passionate about Painting

HBP Painting Turns Your Home into a Haven

With the world outside your four walls going full tilt, it’s important to be able to come home to a space in which you can retreat.

Much of that has to do with color. The wrong color can make a room feel claustrophobic, overly energetic or even gloomy. The right color promotes an almost zen-like atmosphere.

Enter fifth generation, family-owned HBP Painting Contractors. In business since 1983, brothers Cody and Zach Hartrum have maintained the same high-quality workmanship that their father started more than three decades ago.

Cody was introduced to painting early, but learned his passion lie more on the business side. For Zach, a master painter, it was all about color and what it could bring to a room, making the duo a perfect combination.

Cody says, "my father instilled a strong ethic in us to pay attention to details."

To that end, all employees wear uniforms and maintain an air of courtesy and cleanliness.

“We tell our employees they need to be as ‘small’ as possible, that they need to leave a home cleaner than how they found it,” Cody said. “Along with our craftsmanship, I believe our clientele is impressed with how clean we put back together someone’s home.”

As far as trends go, Cody believes the “grays” have enjoyed their run. Instead, he sees color on the ceiling of a room, color on the woodwork, and accenting all of it with off-white color on the walls.

“I’m big on space and energy. When you walk in and notice the ceiling is darker and the woodwork is darker, it creates a different feel,” Cody said.

HBP Painting Contractors are also fully equipped to do faux-finishes, cabinetry, and standard painting.

“Anything that needs to be painted, as long as it’s standing still, we’ll paint it,” Cody said.

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  • Photo by Cindy's Photo Impressions
  • Co-owner Cody Hartrum & family

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