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Backfit Health + Spine, originally started in Chandler, grows nationwide

BackFit Health + Spine, a multispecialty medical center, was started in Chandler nearly 18 years ago by Dr. Yasmin Rahimi, DC, FIAMA (Dr. Yas), as a small start-up practice. When her brother, Dr. Radi Rahiminejad, DC, MUA (Dr. Radi), joined the practice shortly after its debut, the duo helped it to grow and—by 2005—they had four practices across the Valley.

“My brother was the key driving force to our growth and success,” Dr. Yas says. “His experience with working for a multi-location group practice prior to joining me, combined with the vision I had created for what the BackFit experience should be, has allowed us to be successful and continue to grow.”

In the family-ran practice, Dr. Yas serves as the vice president, director of marketing and co-founder. Dr. Radi is BackFit’s president, CEO and co-founder, and their mother, Minoo Rahiminejad, is also at the helm as the practice’s CFO.

BackFit places an emphasis on the concept of proactivity—essentially not just treating the disease, but finding and addressing its root cause. Each location—including two in Chandler and several in the East Valley—offers multiple specialties under one roof.

The family notes that this year is one of tremendous growth as there are plans to open approximately 10 locations outside of the state in Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Illinois. These are in addition to their already established nine locations across the Valley.

Dr. Yas credits their continuing success to a variety of factors.

“Our success and growth are due to an amazing team of staff members that make the patient experience a positive and enjoyable one,” she says. “We are proud having team members that have been with us from the start of our first practice. We are also very patient-centered in our approach to health care. We do what we can to make the patient achieve the best results possible.”

So what does it mean to be a multispecialty practice?

“Multispecialty means that we have multiple types of providers that manage patients,” Dr. Radi explains. “Medical providers, chiropractors, and physical therapists all work together under one roof and in a collaborative effort they create a tailored plan of care for each patient.

“This not only saves time and money for the patient because they are able to see different providers within the same visit, but it manages their care more efficiently because the providers are able to effectively communicate with one another, provide multiple types of care, and get the best results possible for the patient,” he continues.

According to the BackFit team, they provide a proactive and integrative approach to wellness. Examples of services include allergy testing, nutrition, weight loss, pain management and pain prevention, sports medicine, massage therapy, chiropractic, accident and injury care, and many other specialties, all under one roof. It’s like one-stop shopping for all of the patient’s medical needs.

Dr. Radi shares how this multispecialty, proactive emphasis to health might differ from more traditional medical practices.

“Traditional medicine looks as the body as a bunch of parts that are not interconnected,” he explains. “When you come to BackFit, we find the root of the problem and treat the whole chain of areas that affect the body part. We work on getting to the root cause and dealing with all the factors that could be attributing to your pain or discomfort and preventing it from reoccurring. We know patients are tired of just masking their symptoms with endless medications and short-lived therapy. It is only when you combine effective modalities that the patient gets back to doing and living the way they deserve to live.”

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