Family Portraits in Frisco

Shining Bright Through Nature

For Photographers

With Texas, you can never be too prepared to have a backup plan for rainstorms or inclement weather. 

If your clients have the availability, a good sunny day before 11 a.m. has cooler weather which will make clients more comfortable. The more at ease they are, the bigger the smiles.

You can also never go wrong with photographing during sunset hour. Keep in mind, the sun sets at various times throughout the year. Summer days are longer, so sessions can be as late as 7-8 p.m. Sunset lighting is beautiful in color and tones, and if you can frame the person just right, you can have a nice backlit warm glow around them! 

As a photographer, most clients will rely on you to have the best angle or spot for photos. If you can get there at least 15-20 minutes before your clients, scope out the area. Look around and see where you think will be best. Consider easy access points and safety—especially look for poisonous plants and animals!

Allow time for interaction. Some children (or even adults), will find it hard to sit still in a single pose. Give your clients mini breaks to walk around and interact with nature. Even playing around and giving them things to do like walking together, hugging or holding hands can make for memorable pictures.

For Clients

Never underestimate a good night's rest or a balanced meal prior to your session. If your session is longer than 30 minutes, I promise you will get tired. If you didn't sleep much or haven't had anything to eat, you'll be exasperated faster and will find that your face shows it on camera. If the photographer asks you to hold a pose, take a deep breath in and exhale a little longer than you inhale. This will help perfect the shots.

Wherever you go for an outdoor shoot, you'll most likely be making your way through some grassy terrain or rocky areas. Be sure to have a pair of comfortable shoes on-hand for walking. Have water to stay hydrated throughout your session.

Lastly, photo sessions do not have to be intimidating or scary. Enjoy the process, trust your photographer and have fun. Before you know it, you'll be a natural in front of the camera!

Tips for Photographers:

1. Check the weather a week before and again two hours before.

2. Schedule morning sessions during hot seasons.

3. Utilize sunsets.

4. Arrive early to scout the best spots.

5. Interaction makes the sessions fun.

Tips for Clients:

1. Rest well and eat nutritiously.

2. Pack water and comfortable shoes.

3. Breathe and have fun!

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