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Family Run Company Provides Skilled Flooring Professionals

Q&A with Affordable Flooring

With South Vegas City Lifestyle Magazine’s March issue themed “Home & Design,” we wanted to find out more for our readers about home improvement projects and the best local partners to help weed through the noise. So, we asked Affordable Flooring to share its thoughts on its residential services and what clients are saying about them. Read on to learn more.

Michael and Tiffany Boulant


Affordable Flooring & More, LLC

Tell us about your company.

Affordable Flooring is the highest-rated flooring company in Las Vegas for a reason. We are truly a family owned and operated company. We’ve assembled a team of flooring professionals who truly care about our customers and ensure their satisfaction. Our installers are all employees, not subcontractors. They have all been with us for years and are the best group of installers in the valley. Installers often get overlooked, but they are an integral part of our success and highly skilled in what they do. It has taken years, but we’ve truly narrowed our crews down to the best.

We actually have two showrooms. One in Centennial Hills, which is strictly a retail showroom.  This is our “Neighborhood Showroom.” And we recently expanded to include a design center – the Vegas Design Source. This is our design center, but it also serves as our base of operations. With brands like Karastan, Fabrica, Kane, Stanton, DalTile, Happy Floors, Paradigm, and Mohawk, Vegas Design Source has a comprehensive selection of products and styling that can meet any style and budget. We welcome interior designers, contractors, and homeowners. 

What types of flooring materials do you offer?

We offer all types of flooring materials — carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, decorative mosaics, and quartz countertops.

Do you sell just the materials in addition to offering installation services?

We do both. We are a licensed contractor and install much of what we sell. However, our Vegas Design Source showroom is set up as a wholesale to the trade showroom where customers can purchase material.

Do you offer any warranties or guarantees on your products or services?

We offer a lifetime installation warranty on any installation we do.  Material warranties are through the manufacturers, but we will facilitate any material warranty claim.

What kind of flooring trends have you seen recently?

Grey tones have been less common lately.  It seems like that trend is waning.  Light, natural wood tones have been extremely popular lately.  We’re still installing a lot of carpets, but it seems to be limited to bedrooms and upstairs areas.  Hard surface has been dominating public spaces in homes.  Customers will soften up these areas by adding area rugs.

Since we live in the desert, are there different materials that you suggest using?

The desert climate definitely affects flooring materials. We don’t recommend installing hardwood flooring. There are some that seem to do well, but in order to maintain the humidity levels in a home to comply with manufacturers’ guidelines, you’ll likely need to install a humidifier. Luxury Vinyl, Laminate, and Porcelain Tile have become the go-to solutions for our climate. All three are far more durable than natural hardwood and perform much better in our climate.

Have the materials you’ve been using changed due to the supply chain?

We had to make some adjustments during some of the worst times over the past couple of years. But most of the issues we faced have passed. There is an occasional backorder, but for the most part, the material is readily available.

Affordable Flooring is THE PLACE to go to get your floors done! Tiffany and Eddie were such a pleasure to work with. They were always responsive and triple-checked that the job was perfect and to my liking. I gave them a picture of my old flooring in a previous house, and they could match it identically and have it installed exactly to my timeline.” - Affordable Flooring Customer