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Fanatical for Food Trucks

Our Food Trucks Serve it Hot and Delicious Every Monday All Summer as Castle Rock Eats Presents Food Truck Mondays

Far surpassing corn dogs and caramel apples, modern food trucks touch on taste options unbroached by standard fair cuisine. Taste culinary excellence and contribute to a worthy cause by heading to Wilcox and Second Street every Monday all summer between 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., where 10% of proceeds strengthen local charities. Our first day to savor included these alternating purveyors who are as beautiful as their food is.

Hottie Rob’s Mobile Eats

Plying the public with a variety of tempting treats from fantastically fusioned tacos and egg rolls to voraciously visionary burgers and burritos, Rob and Clare mix fresh ingredients with ingenuity to make it happen in this rolling kitchen. The Skirt Steak Sammie with cherry chipotle glaze will arrest your senses. Put some truffle oil on those tots, and you’ll be a believer.

Colorado Pizza Company

Not all pizza is equal, and the Scott family validates it with their mobile wood-fired pizza oven. Sporting an enticing list of artisan pies like the Caprese, the Bee Sting and the Mean Green (complete with a side of fresh sour cream), this purely palatable pizza is baked right on-site. You’ll smell it before you see it, making the tiny wait one of nail-biting proportion.

Honeyman BBQ

The grand championship barbecue achieved in this mobile smoker is enough to prompt a vegan to consider conversion. Honing their bewitching barbecue craft for years with a bevy of awards as evidence, this operation on wheels curated by the Doonan/Uhlrich family proudly serves up a variety of mouthwatering meats and hearty homemade sides. Bless it with one of their scrumptious sauces (the Carolina Mustard Sauce is to die for!) and appreciate.

Punctuated with cool Kona Ice, this lunch was fast and fun. Drop by next Monday and sample something spectacular.