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Farm Fun Reimagined

Make memories with your family through agritainment at Sweet Eats Adventure Farm

Pig races, apple cannons, wagon rides—oh my! As it stands today, along with where it’s headed, Sweet Eats Adventure Farm encapsulates what it means to be future-focused.

Since opening to the public seven years ago, Sweet Eats has dramatically evolved from its initial goal to be a pick-your-own-fruit farm. When the team created the pony ride, petting zoo, and jump pad area, they realized that they hit a nerve with the community. This brand of family fun, going beyond picking strawberries and peaches, was something people had been yearning for.

“Change is hard for many people, but it’s in my DNA to embrace change, and hence it’s in the DNA of the farm,” says Sweet Eats owner Jon Meredith. “In late 2019, we joined an organization of farms like us around the country and visited one in Omaha. That’s where the next light bulb moment came from, and I got the vision for what we are: a farm-themed amusement park. It’s been a steady march toward realizing that vision.”

For Meredith, it’s not solely about embracing change, but also about embracing trial and error. He spends a solid quarter of his day-to-day observing the industry and testing new additions, recognizing that we never know something will work unless we try.

“I invested a lot of time and money on building out a commercial facility that could handle the larger crowds we were doing. Now, my attention has turned back toward the customer experience, and we are focusing on beautification and laying the groundwork for an overhaul of the activities area of the farm,” says Meredith. “I have many more activities planned that will help customers get more value out of their time here.”

Examples of what’s to come include a dinosaur-themed maze complete with animatronics, an early spring tulip festival, and the beginnings of Christmas tree harvest in 2025. This is, of course, on top of things like their annual Easter egg hunts, Wine Your Way Out event, and fireworks in October. But what Meredith is most excited about is the exotic animal and birds of prey shows, coming this fall.

On top of taking best practices from the amusement park world, Sweet Eats takes best practices from the agriculture community. By merging them, Meredith and his team have been able to construct something that is unique and eclectically Austin. Now, when field trips come through, Sweet Eats serves as a space to educate, promoting healthier habits and environmental stewardship.

“It’s really neat watching kids realize and understand where their food comes from—what a strawberry plant looks like, or opening up the chicken coop and seeing them laying eggs,” says Meredith.

Families from all over, with children of all ages, are drawn to participate in the seasonal festivities offered at Sweet Eats. Through its commitment to community engagement and innovation, it has grown into a staple of Central Texas where you can get out and breathe some fresh country air.

“The farm is designed to be a place where families can make magical memories together. We can harken back to a time before technology, where you are connected to nature and your deep roots of agriculture,” says Meredith. “We encourage families to play together and build those memories that last a lifetime.”

Plan your trip to Sweet Eats Adventure Farm at 14400 E State Hwy 29, Georgetown! Whether you catch the tail-end of the Sunflower Festival or are preparing for the cooler months of the Fall Festival, Sweet Eats looks forward to having you.