Farm to Table

How one woman’s inclusive food program aims to deliver nutrition to every household.

Alexandra LittleJohn is a connector. When she saw a need in the community for easier and safer access to healthy food during the pandemic, she rallied her resources to create the non-profit LittleJohn Produce Box Project ( The idea sprouted while social distancing became mandated and she was seeking a contactless way to get her healthy basics. So, she got to work. By partnering with Fresh Guys Produce, who was already delivering food locally, she was able to organize deliveries that would serve even more of the community. The program is key in encouraging balanced eating during this era of Covid and also directly supports local farmers and fine produce purveyors.

Diverse food options include their Organic boxes, Fruit and Avocado, or their best-selling Single Lady box for smaller households. LittleJohn’s subscription plans can be made at a range of frequencies as well as one-time purchases. And to make those grocery store runs a thing of the past, they now have boxes filled with locally-sourced cheeses, breads, and farm-fresh eggs. For easier meal-prep and planning, peep their Instagram to know what delicious food is available that week.

Social equity is at the core of what drives LittleJohn to grow the program. With the help of 25 volunteers, they are ensuring that under-served members of the community have equal access to their produce.

“We want to keep prices low so the barrier to entry for healthy eating isn't a monetary one,” LittleJohn shares.

Their “No Questions Asked” donation request form on their website allows anyone to receive a box for free. She has also gained support from the company Oatley who donates 15 boxes a week towards the project, as well as the city of Thornton whose $25,000 grant is helping to feed 170 families each week, including undocumented families who aren’t receiving any federal help at this time.

Even during a pandemic, LittleJohn is proving that consuming healthier food while supporting our neighbors is a key part of this healing process.

What’s in the Box?

Balance Box - $25 includes a starch, fruits, and veggies.

Organic Box - $40 includes organic produce from local farms and restaurants

Fruit and Avocado Box - $20

Single Lady Box - $15 for half the produce designed for smaller households

Do Good, Feel Good

To donate boxes or partner with LittleJohn Produce to get healthy food into the hands of those that need it the most, reach out to Alexandra directly:


IG: @LittleJohn.Produce.Box.Project


“Being a senior living alone with minimal financial resources, I was having a very hard time with getting nourishing meals. Her volunteers are so heartwarming and personable, they make you feel like you’re a kid on Christmas morning. Thank you God for the LittleJohn box project.” —Aljoana Gilmore

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