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Farmers' Market Stroll

We visited the Greeley Farmer's Market to explore some of the great artisans and vendors bringing their goods to Greeley

Article by Caitlyn Olson

Photography by Tiara Rose Photography

Originally published in Greeley Lifestyle

Between the sweet smells of locally sourced honey, handmade soaps, freshly roasted coffee beans, and delicious baked goods, our senses were overwhelmed with delight as we strolled through Greeley’s Farmers’ Market. We had the opportunity to chat with local artisans and vendors who sell their products every Saturday morning at the Depot, and learn about who they are and why they do what they do. We encourage you to visit their booths, and the numerous other local vendors, on Saturday mornings between 8:00 and noon every weekend through October. 


Illuman Apiary by KJ Tencza

With hive locations across the four corners of Greeley’s borders, KJ Tencza seeks to serve the community with his distinctive knack for beekeeping. Illuman Apiary was born in 2009 when KJ began beekeeping for environmental purposes. What began as a socially-conscious hobby quickly turned into a passion project. Over the past 12 years, KJ has expanded his quantities of honey, locations of hives, and line of products. Now, KJ offers pure, local honey, pollen, beeswax soap, candles, and more. “All things Bees,” KJ notes. Most of all, KJ has loved making this dream a family affair. “The market gave us the opportunity to grow and learn as a family, build a sustainable business and become a part of a market with many of our closest friends.” Greeley residents can support Illuman Apiary by stopping by every Saturday morning at the Greeley Farmers’ Market, or by visiting their website to shop their products online. 

Lady at the Well by Lydia Miner

Lydia Miner’s business, Lady at the Well, LLC, was founded with herself as her intended buyer. Having suffered from allergies to typical in-store bath products, Lydia began creating natural bath products and cleaners to find freedom from those complications. Little did she know, she wasn’t the only one seeking out the very same remedies and her products have become a soothing solution for many in Greeley. “My products are handmade and free from harsh chemicals. I create soaps, lotion bars, dish soap, and more.” Lydia says, “I enjoy the fact that I get to combine my passion for chemistry with my passion for herbalism.” But what Lydia loves most is,  “Being with a group of artists, farmers, bakers, and those who know how to preserve a garden’s harvest.” You can visit Lydia’s booth on Saturdays to find your own remedy for skin allergies, or shop her products at stores around town, including Trinkets-n-Treasures or Lincoln Park Emporium.

Redemption Road Coffee by  Aaron & Jessica Harsch

Though there is an innate desire in us all to ‘make the world a better place,’ Aaron & Jessica Harsch have made it their mission to make that cliche their reality. The couple started their own non-profit organization, Redemption Road, in 2011. Around the same time, Aaron found his passion for roasting coffee at home with his very own crank-handle popcorn maker. By 2016, a friend suggested selling Aaron’s now-perfected coffee to not only financially support their family, but also their non-profit – though Aaron and Jessica didn’t stop there. The couple also sought to support international families by sourcing their coffee beans directly from communities around the world. In fact, on each of their coffee bags they include the location and story of the beans “so you know about the people who hand-picked the coffee cherries.” You can purchase your own locally sourced coffee at the Greeley Farmers’ Market every Saturday, or at their online store, and know that you, too, are helping to make the world a better place. 

XLVII Bakery by  Léon Etienne Speth

The delights of freshly baked European delicacies are fondly familiar to Léon Etienne Speth. Having grown up in Alsace, a region bordering France and Germany, creating freshly baked pastries is deeply rooted in Léon’s family history. Léon’s grandfather was a baker so after moving to the United States in 2017 he was determined to bring authentic German pretzels, sourdough breads, and French pastries to the people of Colorado. “1947 is the year my grandfather was born. So when I started XLVII’s Bakery in July 2018, I wanted to dedicate the bakery to him.” Léon incorporates both French and German cultures into his baking, and when asked what he loves most about his product said: “The unique authentic taste. Every piece is hand shaped and hand made with the utmost attention to taste and authenticity.” Léon loves getting to share his passion for baked goods every Saturday morning at the Greeley Farmers’ Market and calls all Greeley residents to "Swing by our big red booth on Saturday morning and be mesmerized by our delicious authentic baked goods."