Dress For Success During A Pandemic

Keep Your Style On Point In The Age of "Work At Home"

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted every aspect of our daily lives. Since early 2020, we have all had to make major adjustments to how we work, learn and recreate in order to adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

One of the most significant responses to the pandemic has been the rapid rise of the work from home phenomenon.

From kitchen tabletops to elaborate home office setups, working from home has become the new normal for many people.

One of the perks of working from home has been the elimination of the need for wearing traditional business attire. Freed from corporate office dress codes, most at-home workers make their daily wardrobe choices based upon comfort. Almost overnight, suits and skirts have been replaced by jeans and tees.

This new style movement has had a tremendous negative impact upon clothing retailers who specialized in business wear. However, casual clothing shops are thriving in this new environment.

“Working from home often requires employees to participate in video conference meetings such as Zoom calls in which they need to look great from the waist up, but can be perfectly comfortable wearing jeans or leggings out of view of the camera,” says Brenda Vien, owner of Mainstream Boutique in Hendersonville. “The brands and styles that we carry at our boutique are perfect for this new trend.”

Mainstream Boutique is a casual clothing retailer based out of Apple Valley, Minnesota. Founded in 1991 by apparel industry veteran Marie Denicola, the company has grown to include over 80 franchise locations in twenty-three states, including Tennessee. The company’s formula for success is based upon several factors, including knowledgeable stylists, affordable prices and stylish, high quality merchandise, including an exclusive line of clothing and jewelry called Mac and Me.

Brenda, husband Minh and daughter Andrea, opened the Hendersonville franchise in September 2019, along with long-time friend and store manager, Jody Christensen. Since then, the store has seen steady growth, with the exception of a couple of months this spring when it had to be temporarily closed due to Covid-19 restrictions on retail businesses.

“Our first year has been quite the challenge. We never imagined that a global pandemic would cause us to close our doors during our first seven months in business,” says Brenda. “However, we adapted during the shutdown. We began offering private appointments, online shopping, curbside pick-up service and post-try on steam cleaning in order to safely meet our customer needs.”

Fortunately, the retail closing requirement was lifted in June, and Mainstream Boutique of Hendersonville was allowed to reopen.

“Although those few months were tough on us, we learned to be resilient and do whatever we had to do to get through it all together,” says Brenda. “We are especially grateful to our friends and customers who have continued to support us during these times.”

Today, many businesses are reopening and trying to resume normal operations. However, the work from home trend shows no sign of abating anytime soon, which means that the continued emphasis upon casual dress will continue for the foreseeable future.

“At Mainstream Boutique, we offer fashion-forward clothing lines that include versatile pieces that can be worn for many different occasions,” says Brenda. “Whether our customers are dressing for working from home or an evening out, we have what they need to be successful.”

Mainstream Boutique

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