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Add An Element Of Style To Your Interiors With Customized Art

Style and design aren’t just for the runways. Dressing up the interiors of your home is another way of expressing personality, interests and values.  Adding a one of kind piece of art to your walls not only instantly shows off your panache, but also helps your house feel more like a home. Local artist, Alyson McCrink, creates one of kind, “paint-to-order” pieces that might just be that personal design touch you’ve been looking for.

Tell us about your artist journey. 

I have been obsessed with painting for as long as I can remember. When I was young, I have memories of painting on the walls of our family home. My parents were very supportive and in an effort to get me to stop ruining the walls, they bought me canvas and easels. I was completely hooked! I painted throughout school, taking every art class that was offered. About six years ago, I took a chance and began painting full time.  

What inspires you?

I have always been inspired by the world around me. When I go for a walk with my dog, I focus on the overall shapes and forms of landscapes and cities. The greater Seattle area is a particularly inspiring place with the cityscapes adjacent to the many bodies of water in the region. The reflections of the glass and metal buildings in the grayish blue water have always captivated me. I try to pull out the feelings that I get when I look at these scenes and create a piece that conveys that particular emotion.

What is your process when painting?

My process is organized chaos! I rarely create a painting in a similar way, instead I try drastically different approaches that sometimes fail, but oftentimes feel like alchemy. Drawing my inspiration from the natural world elicits an obsession with recreating a specific texture or effect in my paintings. Along my journey to try and recreate something I see in the world, I discover a new and unique medium that I have not worked with before. I use materials such as concrete, glass, broken mirror, sand, resin, wood, gold/silver leaf and many more substances.

What is the process of your paint-to-order art? 

There are various styles of paintings that I can recreate and customize. I love to create pieces for homes and commercial spaces that the client can visualize the finished product before the creation begins. When someone requests a "Paint-To-Order" piece, I help to narrow down what size, color, and textures work best in the client's space and mock it up digitally for them so they can see what it will look like. This is a different process than a commission piece, where I create something entirely new and unique for the room, which is another offering I provide. 

For more info, or to contact Alyson:

Email: alysonmccrink@gmail.com

Website: www.alysonmccrinkfineart.com

Instagram: @alysonmccrinkfineart

Facebook: facebook.com/alysonmccrinkfineart

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