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Tell us about EVEREVE in Kirkland

Our Kirkland store in The Village at Totem Lake opened in August of 2020, our fourth store in the Seattle area. EVEREVE was founded on the belief that inspiring women to move forward in fashion can play an important role in helping them grow and flourish in life. We carry contemporary women’s clothing that we curate thoughtfully each season. The stylists that work in our stores are experts and make it easy to find the right pieces.

Share about how EVEREVE gives back

We host both private 15% off parties in our stores as well as private “fashion fundraisers” that give back 15% of the party proceeds to nonprofits. We raise thousands of dollars each year for schools and other organizations in our community. Our store employees are experienced at helping the hostess of each fashion fundraiser feel supported - she invites her network to attend the fundraiser, we do the rest! These events are held for one entire business day and culminate with a party at the end when the hostess’s network shows up to enjoy light bites, some wine and help finding the perfect outfits.

Why is giving back so important to EVEREVE? 

Hosting parties that support our community fits perfectly with our values around relationships and the sense of community that happens when you foster those relationships. The employees that work in our stores choose to do their work with heart, intention and thoughtfulness and it fills them up to use their gifts in this way. We are grateful for our community in Kirkland and grateful for the opportunity to use our strengths to support it.


Tell us about Pendleton in Kirkland

The Pendleton store at The Village at Totem Lake opened in the fall of 2021. Products offered range from iconic menswear, womenswear, and accessories to the famed woven-in-the-Northwest wool blankets. Pendleton is a heritage lifestyle brand founded in 1863 and located in Portland, Oregon. With six generations of family ownership, Pendleton is focused on creating quality lifestyle products with timeless styling. 

Share about how Pendleton "gives back"

Since 2006, Pendleton and our partners have contributed more than $1.5 million to support the National Parks Foundation, the official charitable partner of the National Park Service, to help preserve, protect and promote America’s most treasured places. The Pendleton National Park collection is a curated selection of lifestyle products including blankets, apparel, accessories and pet products. Each of the park stripes were designed with the parks in mind, using colors inspired by the flora and fauna of the unique locations.

Pendleton’s contributions to the National Park Foundation have supported two landmark projects, including the restoration of the double helix staircase at the Many Glacier Hotel in Glacier National Park and preservation of the historic Grand Canyon Train Depot in Grand Canyon National Park. The next project to benefit from the Collection’s contributions will be Desert View located in Grand Canyon National Park.   

Why is giving back in this way so important to Pendleton?  

Pendleton recognizes the importance of being a part of a larger community and giving back in ways that are meaningful to that community. All of our philanthropic efforts are rooted in growing the community through education, preservation, and wellness. A few other key philanthropies: American Indian College Fund, Fisher House Foundation, Wildland Firefighter Foundation,  Native American Rehabilitation Association (NARA)


Tell me a little about Purpose in Kirkland

Purpose was founded in 2013 in our owner Christie's living room. She had a dream of combining her love for style with a desire to do good - so she started bringing friends into her home and styling them. Ten years later, we still follow this model of building genuine relationships with every person who walks into our stores and personalizing the styling experience for each. Christie quickly moved into a storefront in Bremerton, then within a year expanded to Downtown Kirkland. Since then, we've opened three more women's stores including The Village at Totem Lake. Our clothing ranges from young contemporary and approachable plays on the latest trends, to high quality basics and staple pieces.

Share about how Purpose and the brands it sells "gives back"

The name Purpose is twofold; We give a portion of every sale to Atlas Free, an anti-trafficking organization based in Kirkland (over $300,000 to date.) Atlas Free is doing incredible work locally and globally through local partners in each country where they're operating, providing safehouses and aftercare that people desperately need coming out of trafficking. We also carry several brands that are handcrafted by survivors of trafficking or extreme poverty, or give back another way. However, the impact we make in the dressing room every day is just as important to us. Our number one core value as a business is "Everyone and Everything Matters."

Why is giving back so important to Purpose?

Our regular monthly giving to AtlasFree is the cherry on top! Generosity is one of Christie's personal core values, so it's just something we do. So many people feel strongly about trafficking and social injustice, it's an honor to provide a channel of giving for our communities through something we're all doing anyway, shopping for clothes. 

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