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Fashion Trends for Fall 2021

Blownaway Salon Suites Shares Style Tips to Keep You Looking Your Best

In the world of style and fashion, there is only one constant – change.

Attire, hairstyles, makeup and nail treatments always seem to be evolving into something new. Sometimes the changes draw inspiration from the past, with trends tending to repeat every 20-30 years. At other times, fashion undergoes bold transformations that create entirely new styles.

To gain a better understanding of the state of beauty and style in 2021, we talked with Cody Broadrick, the manager of Blownaway Salon Suites in Hendersonville. Founded in 2015 by owner Sandra Price, the Blownaway Salon Suites team of over 40 highly trained and skilled beauty professionals offers a full array of beauty and style services for women, men and children.

How do you help people select their personal styles?

“At Blownaway, our stylists start by asking each client questions that help identify their likes, needs and desires,” says Cody. “We ask clients about their lifestyles and how much time are they willing to invest in maintaining their styles. We also consider each client’s physical factors, including hair undertones, skin complexion and facial features.”

What are the most popular hairstyles for women?

“Many of our ladies are going with simpler, easier to maintain styles,” says Cody. “More women are embracing their natural regrowth or shadow roots so that they don’t have to get their hair done as often. Many of our ethnic clientele are embracing their natural hair color and letting it grow out, while others have changed their hair color and gone with a much shorter style.


What are the most popular hairstyles for men?

“Currently, a lot of our male clients are seeking a return to styles from the 1980’s, with longer hair becoming trendier” says Cody. “Believe it or not, mullets are even making a comeback.”

What are the most popular nail styles for women?

“Gel X extensions or tips are becoming increasingly popular with women,” says Cody. “They are thinner and more malleable than other types of nail extensions.  They are made from the same materials as Gel polish, and they have a more natural look to them.”

What are the most popular makeup trends?

“These days, most women are going with more natural, softer makeup looks,” says Cody. “They are seeking applications that take less time and are easier to maintain.”

What impact has the Covid-19 pandemic had on beauty and style?

“More clients are adopting ‘lived in’ hairstyles that are easier to maintain, including many of our curly-haired clients, who are now accepting their curls rather than having their hair straightened,” says Cody. “We have also had several clients that have experienced hair loss due to Covid which has required extensive hair treatments.”

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