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Fashionable Face Masks

Once the social distancing and self quarantining began, I received lots of requests for face masks. I eventually found some extra shirting fabric and elastic in my studio and decided to make several based off of a pattern I created. Within minutes of posting in my Instagram stories (@katiefongcollection), I was sold out. I then realized how high the demand was when the requests kept popping up in my direct messages and knew I had to do something to help! 

I reached out to several of my seamstresses who all had their own personal work spaces at home to see if they would be interested in helping me out. I also reached out to a few of my fabric vendors who were able to supply me limited quantities of fabrics that I love. Thomas Cleaners, next door to my Boutique, was kind enough to set up a curbside pick up system for me since they are an essential business. Thanks to all these amazing people, we were able to produce and deliver these masks to those who need them. 

The masks are made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, are machine washable and light weight. Similar to my Collection, these high quality masks are made of classic and fine materials.  The embroidered heart at the corner of each mask became our signature. We offer 2 adult sizes: small/medium which generally fits women better and medium/large which generally fits men better. They are priced at 1 for $18 or 2 for $30. 

The support and love we have received from our customers has been incredible. I feel so fortunate to be able to support the people who have supported me over the past 10 years during such an unprecedented time. Our mask sales have also given us the opportunity to give back to our first responders and health care providers. We were excited to complete a few large donations to those who are serving on the front lines!