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Photo courtesy of Jesse Michael/Facebook

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Father's Day As One Parent

Council Rock High Basketball Coach Jesse Krasna Shares His Lone-Life Perspectives While Missing Beloved Wife

Jesse Krasna faces challenging, complex emotional times with navigating Mother's Day, Father's Day and Thanksgiving this year for the first time as a single parent. On Nov. 28, 2022, his wife, Jennifer Krasna, tragically passed on at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, just four days after giving birth to their baby boy, Cade. Jenn, 30, also left behind a 2-year-old son, Ty.

"I have such a great support system, and the boys are getting so much love from our local family and friends. Every day, someone comes to our house to play with them, hold them or give me some time to go to a practice, the gym or to see friends," says this Newtown father. 

"The hardest thing is missing Jenn, and wishing she could be here so we could watch the boys grow up together."

Jenn was a first and second grade teacher at Charlestown Elementary School in Malvern. 

Jesse teaches health and physical education at Warminster Elementary School, and has been Council Rock North head basketball coach since 2016. 

Jenn was someone who would do anything to help others, Jesse confirms. "She was always thinking about making other people happy and put her family, friends' and students' needs before her own. She was such a great friend, partner and mom, so patient, loving, kind and the best role model."

He adds she loved planning weekend trips and spending quality time together, putting energy into being an amazing mom. "All the pictures and videos are great to keep the memories of Jenn alive to share with the boys," he says. 

To help cover funeral expenses at the time, the goal of a GoFundMe campaign was set at $50,000; instead, $329,997 was raised in donations. This allowed Jesse to step away from teaching for this school year to get accustomed to being a solo parent and find a routine for the boys that bolsters them. 

"The boys are doing well. Ty loves being a big brother and spending time with our family and friends. Cade is growing fast. The winter was a little more challenging, being inside all day, but now we're able to go on walks, go to parks and play in the neighborhood," Jesse shares. 

With Father's Day approaching, at press time, Jesse says he hadn't really dwelled on it or the upcoming holidays. He states he and the boys are fortunate to live close to family, so they'll be able to spend the holidays with them. "Jenn would always go the extra mile to make me feel special on holidays and birthdays. It was something she put a lot of thought into because she cared so much about making others feel loved, and wanted to see her loved ones happy," he reminisces.

To get through the life-changing experience that Jesse did, he leans on sports-associated self-motivation/inspiration techniques. "Being around so many great coaches over the years has helped me cope with the tragedy. Instead of focusing on the loss of Jenn, I try thinking about how fortunate I am to have spent 14 years of my life with Jenn, building a family with her, and how happy she made me and our family during that time."

He says he also focuses on how lucky he is to have such a great support system to rely on because there are others in similar situations who aren’t quite as fortunate. "During the times when I feel sad and find myself wishing Jenn could be here to share life with, I remember that we can choose to be happy and resilient, and it’s my job to model that for the boys," asserts Jess.

"That's what Jenn would want me to do."

  • Photo courtesy of Jesse Michael/Facebook