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Not Your PSL

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But First ... A Toast!

Where to find Bellevue's finest seasonal libations

As a cool breeze begins wafting through the air and pumpkins soon line porches around town, it’s natural to begin craving all the best tastes that come along with the change in season. From apples to pumpkins and nutmeg to cloves, the flavors of fall are some of the most defined (and delicious), and we’re thrilled to see seasonal items popping up on menus around town. 

Grab your coziest flannel and head to these Bellevue haunts for autumn-esque drinks that will warm you from the inside out. 

Wynot Saloon’s Wynot Be Old Fashioned

No one in town does a theme quite like Wynot Saloon, with its weekly Man Cave Mondays poker night, its Wacky Wednesday comedy show and its overall old-west vibe. Warm up at this neighborhood watering hole with the Wynot Be Old Fashioned, a time-honored favorite made with James Ownby Tennessee Whiskey, bitters and simple syrup, garnished with an orange rind and cherry. The classic cocktail tastes best when sipped with live music billowing in the background.

Loveless Cafe’s Bloody Mary

Much like the autumn season itself, Loveless Cafe knows how to spark nostalgia. The diner’s everyday menu has plenty of options that are perfect for fall, from classic chicken and dumplings ready to warm you up on a chilly day to the cinnamon and sugar-coated apple crumble pie for dessert. No matter what you choose, pair it with a Bloody Mary that checks all the fall boxes for its seasonal colors, its spicy finish, and its ability to pair perfectly with an 11 a.m. kick-off.

Cafe 100’s Not Your PSL

You don’t need to get your PSL (that’s “pumpkin spiced latte”) from Starbucks this year, locally-owned Cafe 100 (which is celebrating its first fall season this year) has a delicious alternative that not only includes all the best fall flavors, but it’s also packed with boo-ze. The cocktail, created by GM Margaret Torres, is a careful mix of cream, pumpkin puree and vanilla, plus a healthy dose of Baileys Irish Cream and spiced rum to pack a spirited punch. Pairs nicely with any of the Cafe's house-made desserts.

Fortuna Italian Steakhouse's Capone's Julep

No one has more fun with playful takes on gangster themes than the consiglieres at Fortuna Italian Steakhouse. For your consideration, this fall is Capone's Julep. This classy looking, clean-tasting cocktail starts with Malfy gin and finishes with peach, elderflower, lemon and mint. Have a round with the rest of the family after work or with dinner. Capicsci?

  • Wynot Be Old Fashioned
  • Bloody Mary
  • Not Your PSL
  • Capone's Julep