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Feed Your Need For Speed

Article by Monty Montgomery

Photography by Brenda Bravo

Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

Ryan Lorimer is one of those local success stories, an entrepreneur who learned from his elders at a young age for the sake of rapid achievement. With his father in the car business as a salesman himself, he was practically born into the role. Throughout Ryan’s upbringing his father excelled as a sales representative before excelling to a manager position, all the while providing an enjoyable lifestyle for Ryan and his mother. 

Years passed and at only 24 years old, Ryan blazed his own trail by launching his first dealership. As one could expect, Lorimer proved to be a natural - even going on to claim the title of “youngest car dealership owner in Colorado.” He’d been in car sales since he was 18, and started out as a detailer at the early age of 15. What started out as just a small car shop, however, began a rapid expansion around six years later when sales saw exponential growth. Lorimer added more inventory to keep up, and after just two more years, a third location was in the works. Within a decade of his beginnings as a 24 year-old dealership owner, Lorimer had already expanded the reach of his first shop by two more branches. 

In 2008, he built and managed a Hyundai store while keeping his toes dipped in the used car business. Similarly to the rest of the working U.S., Lorimer suffered. He lost those two additional branches, leaving one pre-owned location to operate. He sold the Hyundai store in 2014 to go full-fledged into the premium used car business, and has since retained over 21 years of experience with his Grand Junction HQ. As a high-end dealership for pre-owned options, each vehicle receives thorough checks prior to sale for upstanding quality assurance. In Lorimer’s words, “We’re a customer-focused company. In any case, we’d rather ensure quality beforehand rather than letting someone buy a faulty car for a quick commission check.”

Now, Lorimer manages two locations with over 250 vehicles to choose from. While the dealership and shop is headquartered in Grand Junction, they also host a location within beautiful West Colfax alongside Lakewood. Over 100 cars can be stocked at Grand Valley Auto’s lot in Denver, with 150 more in Grand Junction, totaling 250 premium pre-owned vehicles to browse at a time. Used, pre-owned cars are Grand Valley Auto’s specialty. Furthermore, vehicle transports from the Grand Junction location to Lorimer’s lot in Denver are free of additional charge upon request, taking the headache out of traditional transport fees.

Grand Valley Auto is a full-service dealership, capable of both selling and fixing up customer vehicles thanks to the presence of two master technicians at the Lakewood location, plus seven more in Grand Junction. To sum it up, Lorimer offers nine master techs with over 30 years of individual experience, spanning a range of brands, makes, and models. American muscle, zippy imports - no matter the vehicle, both dealerships harbor the necessary skills for most projects.

Their customer service is full ranging as well, with a financial department that can even collaborate directly with credit unions to get papers signed and cars in the driveway at a much quicker rate. This is an advantage that independent dealerships rarely have the privilege of leveraging. No matter the situation - good credit or bad credit - Grand Valley Auto offers financing means to help out with most scenarios. 

Each car sold by Grand Valley Auto is eligible for an extended warranty with lenient terms to ensure that customers aren’t tied into any sticky situations. The company brings an unconventional understanding to the needs of warranties, a trait that seems to be lost on most pre-owned car dealerships. Lorimer even spends over $1,000 in reconditioning costs per unit, further highlighting their focus on quality assurance. This means that if a car desperately needs new brakes or shocks, for example, Grand Valley Auto will cover the necessary costs to fix it up pre-sale. 

Grand Valley Auto is a family-owned and operated used car dealership with 21 years of experience selling to Colorado locals. Lorimer and his teams strive to achieve the label of “#1 Automotive Dealer in the State of Colorado,” offering top-tier customer service to both loyal and potential clients whether it’s an in-face meeting or a virtual tour. Their sales teams can seamlessly fit a person to their future car whether it’s a high-end sports machine or the first ride for your high schooler. Financial teams are savvy enough to find you an option while maintaining affordability as a priority. In fact, they can work with over 40 different banks and credit unions in an array of credit scenarios. Master and A.S.E. mechanics give you the confidence that you’re leaving the lot in a healthy, reliable vehicle. It’s the local dealership that you can trust, with the resources to offer 250 pre-owned options at a time. Visit their website at, call (888) 706-2082 to chat with their sales team, or check out their collection of over 1,000 reviews on Google. 

For any questions or concerns related to the buying process, the Grand Valley Auto team is there to help out. Their customer service representatives are skilled and vetted in any and all things car sales, and are there to assist you in any regard. You can reach out via email on their contact web page, phone, or stop by one of their two lots in person for direct assistance.