Fall’ing for Your Favorite Dessert

Is your dessert causing memory loss?

Autumn is in the air, and with the cooler temperatures and fun fall festivities, it can be tricky to keep your sugar intake in check.

From snacking on yummy Halloween candy and sipping hot chocolate by the fire to feasting on ooey-gooey pumpkin goodness and baked apple pies, the temptation is real—and it can have really detrimental effects on your health, too.

“Having all these delightful treats might not be so delightful to the health and well-being of you and your family,” says nutritionist Penny Foskaris of Foskaris Wellness.

“Sugar, sugar, and more sugar! The more processed sugar you eat, the harder your pancreas works to produce insulin to lower your blood sugar,” she explains.

“Over-consumption of processed sugar can lead to Alzheimer’s, increases your risk of heart disease, liver disease, and inflammation, and increases your risk of other chronic diseases.”

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still treat yourself—moderation and making smarter nutritional choices are what it’s all about.

Through her work at Foskaris Wellness, located in Anaheim Hills, Penny focuses on helping you modify or replace foods in your diet so you’re not missing any of your favorite foods.

For over three decades, she’s been helping her clients find balance and create healthier versions of their favorite recipes.

To date, she has helped more than 4000 clients better understand what their bodies need to feel their best.

To help curb your sugar cravings this fall, Penny has plenty of easy tips to share that can reduce sugar intake while still enjoying the foods and flavors you love.

1. Look at serving sizes. “We can help children eat less candy by buying mini-sized candies—or better yet, by passing out little toys or even quarters! What kid wouldn’t love a pumpkin full of quarters at the end of the night after going trick-or-treating?”

2. Create smaller portions. “When baking treats this holiday season, make them mini-sized. This is the time of year when everyone who loves to bake is sharing their home-baked goods with their friends and family. 

By creating smaller portions, you are helping your loved ones stay healthier.”

3. Pack a punch with protein. “When looking at smaller portion sizes, you might feel deprived, but if you pair it with a protein (like a delicious protein hot chocolate) you’ll feel more satisfied and fuller.”

4. Opt for delectable substitutions. “When making hot chocolate, replace your regular mix with Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides in the chocolate flavor. By doing this, you’ll add 20 grams of protein and reduce the amount of sugar to zero. It tastes delicious!”

5. Do your research. “Go online and search for a reduced sugar version of your favorite recipe. With the help of the internet, you can [easily] reduce the sugar content in your favorite desserts.”

Penny has worked diligently to improve her clients’ health through the creation of the Longevity RX System, which is available at Foskaris Wellness.

“The Longevity RX System can help clients live a longer, optimal life. This is done by combining data from Visceral Fat Scans, Memory Assessments, Lifestyle Assessments, Digestion Scans, Body Composition, and Food Sensitivity Scans. Pairing with Red Light Therapy Miracle Max Full-Body Bed, Infrared Saunas, PEMF therapy, and PSiO Light and Sound Therapy helps clients reach their goals faster and feel their best,” she says.

As if that weren’t enough, Penny has now created at-home use Red Light Therapy devices that are just as powerful as the ones that are available in clinics to help those who can’t come for treatment in person.

The Anaheim Hills location of Foskaris Wellness has served satisfied clients for nearly five years, and Penny has over 30 years of experience in the wellness and food industry.

Due to Penny’s vast experience, she believes in getting to the root cause of an ailment to resolve the issue, not just alleviating symptoms for a temporary fix.

Foskaris Wellness's other services also include RedLight Sculpting™, Amped Muscle Sculpting, Face Tightening, and Nutritional Genetic Testing.

Penny has welcomed patients from 14-92 years young at Foskaris Wellness, and she extends an invitation to anyone looking to transform their health and well-being to set up an innovative, life-changing assessment.

“We offer FREE visceral fat scans and memory assessments. Knowing if you already have some memory loss or if you have visceral fat (fat around the organs) can give you information on what you need to do to get healthy and stay healthy.” https://www.foskariswellness.com/

“What kid wouldn’t love a pumpkin full of quarters at the end of the night after going trick-or-treating?”

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