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Feel the Frequency at The Valley's Starlight House

Why to Try Vibrational Light Therapy

The Starlight House is an intimate experience offering vibrational energy medicine utilizing brainwave entrainment, also known as fractionation hypnosis. Known as a form of light therapy, this sacred treatment works in conjunction with sound and vibration to help attune the biofield and stimulate the pineal gland. Biofield therapies interact with the subtle energy systems of the body to harmonize and bring balance, often unclogging stagnant areas or calming down over excited energy that may be causing imbalance or disease. Utilizing a custom vibro-acoustic sound bed, you’ll be immersed in a healing experience packed with frequencies and harmonics. 


Light entrainment technology induces states of deep relaxation, clarity, and creativity. With closed eyes you’ll see fresh, with a visual dance of sacred geometry that can only be compared to a psychedelic journey. 


In the fully immersive experience, you’ll be bathed in tones and frequency to consistency and effortlessly move your consciousness into expanded states of awareness.


Like nothing you have ever experienced, you’ll be mesmerized by a highly unique experience - seeing, hearing, and feeling the frequency.

Founded by Kim Roach, The Starlight House sits at her personal private residence with breathtaking desert views. Indulge in an intimate one-on-one session as Kim walks you through the process before helping you situate atop a comfortable bed that acts as the resting place for your treatment. No person has the same experience- everyone sees different colors, feels different things, and reaps different benefits.

About Kim

A long enthusiast of alternative healing, Kim Roach has spent 20+ years studying many styles of yoga including 3 teacher training programs, with an emphasis on Vinyasa and Kundalini. She's also an avid advocate and student of breath-work, meditation, yoga nidra, GDV energy measurement and plant medicines.