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Festive Decor

Tips on Making Homes Beautiful This Holiday Season

Jim and Frances Redd had the good fortune of their daughter, Kimberly Redd, decorating their Southern antebellum home for the holidays for 13 years now. Located in the heart of Brentwood, the house is an entertaining hub. Naomi Judd actually had her wedding reception there.

Kim has learned decorating tips over the years. She shares some of those pointers:

  • Dress up Luminara candles by wrapping ribbons around them and adding rhinestones or other gems.
  • For staircases, wrap artificial garland around the railing. It’s much easier to work with than real garland. Take real greens and other flowers and tuck them into the artificial garland. (No one will know the difference.)
  • For a dramatic and colorful effect, place bunches of red poinsettia plants together in one part of a room instead of spreading them out.

Set the table with special china. It adds elegance to a table setting like nothing else.

  • Candle
  • Poinsettia and garland
  • China
  • Poinsettia and garland