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Financial Resources Federal Credit Union: Putting People First

Financial Resources Federal Credit Union (FRFCU), whose headquarters is located in Bridgewater, has been in business for over 100 years, and was started to fulfill the needs of the community. The Credit Union was formerly the Ethicon Employees Federal Credit Union, which was formed by a group of Johnson & Johnson employees. Their focus right now is providing great, low-rate mortgage offers, as well as credit cards with rewards for online—and all—purchases. Their products are built with the members in mind and with the goal of putting them first and truly make a lasting difference in their lives. 

FRFCU genuinely cares about their fellow employees, members and the community at large. They are not only the number one SBA Lender in New Jersey; but more importantly, they are proud of how their company has been able to give back to their members and the surrounding area. All of their employees are dedicated to volunteering through their Show You Care program, where they volunteer with different local organizations throughout the year.

 For example, they brought food to those in need with over $1,300 of donated food items to local food banks last year, and over the summer they donated 1,652 cases of water to veterans in need through their #OperationWaterWall. 

At FRFCU they believe in making their members the number one priority from the second they walk in the door. They have all the products and services that a larger bank has to offer, but they make sure to add a personal touch to their work that larger businesses may be lacking.