Score High at SomePlace Else

Gaming brings people together at SomePlace Else Brewery

Article by Lila Rippe

Photography by Sean McNeil, Aspen Art Co

Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

“We had a house full of pinball machines and a garage full of brewing equipment,” Tori Miller says about the origins of the brewery she started with her husband, Ryan. Tori, a Colorado native, jokingly told Ryan he needed to “get them out of there,” and thus, SomePlace Else Brewery was born.

Five years later, SomePlace Else Brewery remains a bustling, charming “brewcade” for the beer aficionados, trivia fans, and dog lovers of Arvada. SomePlace Else isn’t called a “brewcade” for nothing. Pinball and skeeball machines elevate the establishment with character, individuality, and, of course, fun. Skeeball, the most popular, only costs a mere 25¢. Beyond arcade games, the brewery hosts its own game of trivia every second and fourth Thursday of the month. Additionally, they draw a large crowd every Wednesday for a game of Euchre.

Games give a twist on the traditional brewery, along with the fact that SomePlace Else is dog-friendly. Tori and Ryan have three dogs, themselves, and they encourage customers to bring their furry friends.

Needless to say, the brewery prides itself on crafting delicious, high-quality beer. “We do a lot of small batches,” Tori says. A new beer is released every Friday, and a particular beer is never on tap for more than a couple months.

One of the most popular ales is called Spock’s Brain IPA, a reference to Star Trek and a hint to the establishment’s quirky vibe. This best-selling ale, developed by current brewer, Alex, is hops-forward, juicy, and citrusy. Raspberry Cream Ale is another favorite of the SomePlace Else community. It features fresh raspberry puree; the brewery makes it a  point to never use artificial extracts in their beer.

SomePlace Else Brewery certainly is not limited to beer lovers. Hard seltzer is a great boozy option for those who are gluten-free or looking for a different flavor profile. They also offer local Happy Leaf Kombucha on tap in a variety of changing flavors for those who desire a completely non-alcoholic drink.

Tori’s passion and inspiration for the brewery goes far beyond beer and games. “One of the things that is very important to us is to be involved in the community,” she says. SomePlace Else Brewery regularly throws fundraisers for a range of causes. They raised over $10,000 last year for charity. The brewery crafts special beers for causes and donates the proceeds.

If you’re seeking an easygoing spot with great beer and culture, SomePlace Else Brewery is a must-visit. Pumpkin beer is coming out soon to celebrate the fall season, including a special pecan pumpkin flavor. Visit the brewcade on 6425 West 52nd Avenue in Arvada to try a pint, and play some games while you’re at it.

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