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The Best Patios

Here’s the thing about summer: you need a good patio. So I bring to you several options, all so good, and what follows are the reasons why.

The Spot: School House Kitchen and Libations

There’s something unspeakably satisfying about drinking in this 1882 schoolhouse turned bistro. The concept is brilliant and you won’t find anything like it. The bar is a library of booze, and with over 1,400 different whiskeys, it is impossible to be here in a bad mood. There’s a Teacher’s Lounge upstairs, pencil-carved wooden table tops downstairs, a great patio and a great rooftop.

The menu’s layout follows the 7 periods in a typical school day, and Period 7: Brunch is my personal favorite. Order the Dunce Cap Meaty Scramble or the Master Whiskey Class Burger. And don’t forget your whiskey!

5660 Olde Wadsworth Blvd


The Spot: The Bluegrass Lounge, Olde Town

If you haven’t been to The Bluegrass Coffee and Bourbon Lounge, you are missing out on delicious food, fine bourbon, and outstanding customer service. If you come in the morning, you’ll have to choose whether the Toasted Marshmallow & Mocha or Lavender & Vanilla latte fits your mood. If you arrive in the afternoon, you’ll have to choose between the Always Dreaming and the Funnycide pizza: garlic, olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, salt and pepper, buffalo mozzarella, and arugula, or Bourbon BBQ sauce, chicken, jalapeno, onion, and cheddar. If you come in the evening, you won’t be able to leave the live music, so you’ll have to order the Jalapeno House-Infused Medley Bros. Bourbon.

7415 Grandview Ave



The Spot: The Bluegrass Lounge, Candelas

It is just so good, and so there had to be two! This second spot is in the heart of Candelas and provides the same unmatched taste and service as the original. Order a Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha, Kentucky “Kalamari” and some bacon and blue chips, and sit back and soak in the joys of summer. 

18068 W 92nd Ln Unit 400


The Spot: Lot One

The true roof to table experience! The open kitchen design invites guests to see every culinary move, and if that’s not enough, there’s a greenhouse on the roof so customers can enjoy fresh herbs and greens and vegetables. It can be your go-to spot for a date night or a family outing,  and every palette is sure to be pleased. Check out the reuben sandwich or glory bowl for yourself and mac and cheese and homemade ice pops for the kids.

13730 W 85th Dr Unit 101



The Spot: Jack’s & Steamers

A special and intimate gem. At one point, over sixty individuals with developmental disabilities were employed here, a dream that Jack and his wife Athan pursued for years. They have succeeded in creating a space that celebrates uniqueness, kindness, and diligence, and it is so loved because of that and more. What started as a 300 square foot coffee shop in 2007 is now an expansive restaurant, bar and grill, bakery, jam producer, and catering company. Sticky cinnamon rolls, housemade green chile, hand cut fries, and whiskey peach jelly are just a few must-have items that keep customers happy. 

8565 Five Parks Dr # 100


The Spot: Bread Winner’s Cafe

Bring your four-legged lovers! We love this dog-friendly, family-owned establishment, and you will, too! Plenty of meat free, dairy free, and gluten free options. There are two patios to choose from, and copious meals and beverages. Bring your dog and a book, a friend and a game, or just your laptop and some goals. Order a mimosa obviously, followed by biscuits and gravy. Did I mention their fresh Colorado green chile is a must-try? So be sure to come hungry!

7311 Grandview Ave


The Spot: First Watch

They love their employees more than bacon. I know, I know, you already like this spot, right?! It’s award-winning, and once you go there, you’ll know why. The coffee is great, the juice bar is special, and my personal favorite breakfast item is the avocado toast: they’ve mastered the lemon and salt quantities. They’ve also mastered bacon. I can’t explain it. Just order it, and enjoy it on the patio.

7450B W 52nd Ave Suite 200



The Spot: Flights Wine 

When you’re in the company of wine, nothing else matters. There are over 100 wines here, which means there is no room for your problems. There’s also beer from all over the world if that’s your thing, and a Light Eats menu to keep you civilized. What’s really cool is that they have a special night for nurses and a special night for teachers. Bottle specials on Thursdays and live music on Saturdays. Grab your guys and gals and check it out!

7714 Grandview Avenue


  • School House
  • Bluegrass Olde Town
  • Bluegrass Candelas
  • Lot One
  • Jack's & Steamers
  • Bread Winner
  • First Watch
  • Flights