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Finding the Flow State with Drink Alchemy

“In life, we are always looking for ways to improve and make things more efficient.” 

There’s an idea JC Bird turned Drink Alchemy onto called a “Flow State”. It’s the sense of being so in the moment and engrossed with a task like training in the gym, studying for an exam, playing a sport, or a salesperson working on the floor following their next lead. JC said, “bottom line: we all operate best when in flow state.” 

So why don’t most of us feel like we’re in a flow state more often? Wouldn’t that feeling of limitless concentration be the best thing for our productivity? 

Anthony Flask started to notice how much of his day-to-day life was cluttered by social media, the news, obligations, finances, mental and physical health. It was a constant struggle to keep things in a straight line and pull the rope forward. The multitudes of coffee and synthetic energy drinks weren’t cutting it and the anxiety still crept around like a hand resting on his shoulder. 

“The goal has always been Human achievement,” says CEO Anthony Flask, “regardless of how you apply it. For years of study in human performance, I was always under the mandated assumption that physical achievement could only be accomplished with a physical, biological adaptation. Bigger muscles, less adipose storage, complex metabolisms. It was only when I stepped away from the state-funded curriculum that I realized that the mind and its ability to create was the single biggest factor in success. Not just athletically, but in all endeavors.”

So why don’t most of us feel like we’re in a flow state more often? Wouldn’t that feeling of limitless concentration be the best thing for our productivity? 

JC & Anthony started the idea of Drink Alchemy by experimenting with nootropics. Spending time analyzing thoughts and processes and exploring how to experience lucid dreaming, how to fully engage the brain in incredible ways. What started as a handful of pills and calculated coffee and energy drink doses turned into the idea of creating a one-stop-shop. 

“We imagined contacting the energy drink companies of the world and pitching our ideas to bring a thought enhancing product to market. When no one answered our calls, we decided to do it ourselves.” 

We found our functional ingredients through trial and error; helping all functions from focusing, sleeping, achieving higher states of awareness in daily life. The “easy” part of Drink Alchemy was done, the hardest part was creating a viable business. 

Enter Aleks Ochocki, a two-times NCAA Champion and formerly regarded as the next big US Olympian. Having a partner who has been through the process of real estate, funding, financials, and marketing were perfect for developing the Drink Alchemy vision. 

Drink Alchemy knows the human mind is capable of achieving anything - arguably being the most complicated machine ever created on Earth. “The issue has always been with human bandwidth and how we receive and process information. The majority of carbonated beverages

service the recreational use industry, and the rest is catered to high stimulant gym-goers which effectively inhibits our minds' bandwidth” says Anthony Flask. “Drink Alchemy is about the intellectual - the creative - enhancement. What we’ve created is the culmination of our studies and efforts, the realization that great things are sourced inside your mind, not dished out by divine physical genetics.” 

Drink Alchemy’s all-natural and scientifically proven ingredients such as Huperzine A, Lions Mane, Selenium, Magnesium Glycinate, Rhodiola Rosea, and L-Theanine will give you the extra strength, energy, and mental fortitude to push through your tasks and help you achieve your goals. 

In November 2020 Drink Alchemy launched a limited pre-order sample of three and twelve-packs of 12 oz cans. Under 24 hours the options sold out beyond their expectations, calling for adding more cans available for pre-orders. The orders of Drink Alchemy will begin shipping in early 2021, with more cans available through a select vendor network and e-commerce store. 

“We had originally planned to have our product on doorsteps by thanksgiving, but being that we created this project during the Covid-19 pandememic, we have been at the mercy of its restrictions” says Flask. 

“It’s been an incredible journey,” he said. “In all honesty, I thought COVID-19 would severely delay our plans for launching - which it did - but we found that it gave us the opportunity to

reorganize and rebrand ourselves while also adding incredible talents to our team; Zach, David, Urva, and Danny.” 

Zach Johnson joined on as Vice President after connecting with Anthony through talking about mindset and overcoming challenges. “I believe deeply in finding an edge in mindset, and that’s helped me to play professional baseball,” says Zach. “Having the opportunity to be involved with Drink Alchemy was a no brainer for me. I can see the extensive benefits it can truly bring to anyone who wants to try and explore growth opportunities and take their self-improvement practices to another level.” 

David signed on with Drink Alchemy as the Data Director & Growth Strategist to innovate the way Drink Alchemy used social media. He has led the charge on all platforms, spreading the word and image that is Drink Alchemy. Urva is a visionary and graphic designer that provided a total revamp of Drink Alchemy’s design aesthetic, both physically and digitally. Danny is an author and freelance copywriter who recently graduated from Montclair State University and ending an internship in publishing, who joined Drink Alchemy as the communications director. 

“Alchemy is a medieval science that predates today's sciences. By definition, alchemy is the transmutation of the ordinary, into the extraordinary. Our mission from day one was to provide our customers with a drink that could help them take advantage of that.” 

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