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Cesar and Natalya Cruz redefine global fashion here at home

There have been many notable names in men’s fashion over the years. Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, and Georgio Armani are but a few of the industry leaders. All are recognizable brands no matter where you are in the world. Breaking into this very elite group of designers is not an easy task. It takes years of hard work and dedication. It takes a visionary’s mind to chart the course for global success. It takes an entrepreneur and industry disrupter to break the cycle and re-envision men’s fashion. It takes the incredible team behind Sebastian Cruz Couture, one of the fastest-growing e-commerce, direct-to-consumer fashion houses to revolutionize how we, as men, dress today. Please meet Cesar and Natayla Cruz, the visionary husband and wife duo behind Sebastian Cruz Couture.

It was in 2013 when the power couple first noticed that a lot of people were trying to wear pocket squares a certain way. “All the pocket squares were made of flimsy fabric that would not hold the design or style,” says Cesar. “Once we discovered the functionality of the pocket square, I immediately knew that we had something very special.” The pocket square is an easy accessory to add to a suit and it can change the look of what you are wearing pretty quickly. It filled a gap in the men’s fashion market and was easily achievable. With clever designs and bespoke crochet stitching around the border, the seven original linen pocket squares were an instant hit. “It is very easy to have multiple pocket squares for one jacket, it is very difficult to have multiple jackets,” says Cesar. 

Riding on the success of a now globally relevant and quickly growing pocket square company, it was easy to expand their empire. Next up: bespoke dinner jackets designed with beautiful fabrics made in the finest fashion factories in Europe, quickly followed by suits, trousers, vests, ties, bow ties, belts, and shoes. The Sebastian Cruz empire was well on its way. Each boldly designed garment and accessory is visually stunning and perfectly tailored. At Sebastian Cruz, you can shop for the item or, thanks to Cesar’s innovative approach to internet marketing, the entire look. 

Natayla Cruz, Cesar’s charming wife, is also the designer and stylist. Her clever eye for fashion and the advances of style has kept Sebastian Cruz on the cutting edge of what’s to come. Just like a shirt and tie, vision and visionary, theirs is a match made in heaven.

Bold colors, deeply textured patterns, exquisite fabric, attention to detail, and the advance of men’s fashion are the hallmarks of Sebastian Cruz Couture. Cleverly patterned tweeds and houndstooth fabrics with bright dimensional patterns were a comfortable stretch for Sebastian Cruz's loyal customers. With models replaced by actual customers in photos posted to social media, it's easy to see yourself in designer clothes. Customer engagement was pivotal and over time gave a powerful voice to the emerging digital fashion empire. “We wanted to create the fashion and then allow our customers to experience the style in an easy environment where they would always look good in our clothes,” says Cesar.

Perhaps it is the Sebastian Cruz logo that best tells the complete story of the company. “It’s a reminder for me,” says Cesar, “of where we came from, who we are, and our core values.” From their most humble beginning and threading the eye of the needle, a reference to their faith, as well as the infinity symbol, each element of the logo seeks to represent the dynamic duo and their limitless creativity. 

What’s next for this growing fashion empire? Look for more fashion fusion as Sebastian Cruz Couture continues to blend international style with the classic male silhouette and craft signature looks that any man can wear for any occasion.  

For more information or to order a new suit please visit

Cesar’s message to future designers and entrepreneurs, “Don’t look at what other people are doing, the moment that you start looking at what other people are doing that is when you mind will start playing tricks on you.”

Image and accessories are everything.  When people see you they see your accessory and they immediately think that you are a detailed oriented person. 

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