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Rise Like a Phoenix

FIORIA Feeds The River Of Hope Through Luxury Photography Experiences

FIORIA is new to Frisco, but the photographers behind the studio, Me Ra Koh and Brian Tausend, are recognized nationally as inspirational artists.

Their family portraiture has been featured on Oprah, The New York Times, as well as national TV. Me Ra Koh hosted a Disney show for years called Capture the Story with Me Ra Koh and is a reoccuring guest expert on Live with Kelly & Ryan.

Disney’s “Photo Mom” is the first to share how she comes from very humble beginnings. After being sexually victimized at 19 and losing in court, she admitted herself to a locked psychiatric ward. At her lowest point, she remembers saying a prayer. “God if you can piece my shattered heart back together, I will spend the rest of my life helping other women find the same.” She had no idea the camera would become her vehicle of healing to others.

Hope attracts hope. The women and families who come to FIORIA all have a story of rising above the fire. It’s the mom and daughters who battled Lyme’s Disease. Dad wanted wall art representing their new base line—a season of healing and joy restored. It’s Heather who flew in from Minnesota for her Phoenix Portrait experience. Turning 50, she had never felt confident in pictures battling shame around her body. She was ready to change that narrative. Nine-year-old, Troy, came from Florida with his family for their FIORIA experience. He told Me Ra that Bryce (his soon-to-be stepdad) is his hero. He loves the way Bryce makes his mom laugh. These are the Rising Phoenixes Me Ra and her team celebrate.

Slowing Down to Go Deeper

"After doing photography for 15 years, my husband and I felt our families needed something even more meaningful. They needed to see the truth of who they are and what they have overcome reflected back to them on their walls. We changed our model to shoot less so we could go much deeper taking time to do signature Discovery Calls before the shoots. Our team asks guided questions to help unearth the beautiful stories of resilience in each family. It might be a dad wanting to capture the way he and his teenage son joke. It sounds simple, but that portrait becomes a visual anchor in their home representing the truth of their relationship,” Me Ra reveals. "FIORIA provides a luxury, personal experience creating reflections of what a family or woman needs to see each morning when they wake up.

”Women are treated to professional hair and makeup to pamper their spirit. Me Ra guides every woman and family through poses that flatter and accentuate their story. Brian, FIORIA’s Lighting & Design Expert, turns those beautiful portraits into breathtaking custom wall art. He’s designed artwork for Dallas Cowboy homes to single moms in an apartment. Every client leaves excited for their life-giving FIORIA experience to live on through their wall art.

"It’s not enough to have beautiful portraits to share on social media. Many of us battle fear, doubt and anxiety every day. I know this well from my own past traumas. One of the most powerful ways to overcome these voices is to display the truth of who you are and be reminded of it everyday. We are not capturing fleeting moments. This is about seeing who you are despite how much the world feels like it’s burning down," says Me Ra.

“Many of us know what it’s like to find beauty from ashes. We know the grace and healing found in second chances. Whether it’s a blended family that has learned from past mistakes and is thankful to start again or a graduating senior who persevered through the anxiety of COVID, or even myself with kids leaving the nest and needing to be rediscover who I am and how I rise. These are the things to take time to celebrate.”

Me Ra is an inspirational keynote speaker who inspires audiences through stories, laughter and tears. In 2007, she became one of the first two women photographers to be sponsored by Sony. She is the author of six books inspiring the soul creatively and spiritually. But her deepest joy is the two amazing kids she and Brian have raised.

Rising Phoenixes

Beauty From Ashes

Me Ra hosts a private Facebook VIP group called “Rising Phoenixes with Me Ra Koh”. It sprang from FIORIA's "Confidence” Photography Workshops with 400 alumni women who unanimously agreed to open an online space to inspire and encourage more people. They are now 1400 strong. Me Ra hosts LIVE Phoenix Spotlights for past clients to share their stories of overcoming. She believes in the power of story and knowing you’re not alone. To join, visit

Me Ra’s Phoenix Collection

Me Ra and Brian homeschooled their kids. When their first headed to college, Me Ra felt a bit lost. Brian took her to lunch and asked what words would her 19-year-old self use to describe the woman she’s become. “My Phoenix Collection is made up of my answers; one who rises again, a warrior, tree of life versus an empty nest, and a woman who is worthy of love. These are the truths I need to see as our family changes. They are visual anchors that keep me from feeling lost as a mom.”

Are You Ready to Rise like a Phoenix?

What is rising from the ashes in your life? Partnering with Sony, Frisco Arts and Culture A Day Spa in Frisco, FIORIA is seeking more women to participate in this transformational initiative “Portrait of a Phoenix”. They are producing a "Rise Like A Phoenix" exhibit before the end of this year. Participants’ photo shoots must be before the end October. Your experience starts with filling out a simple form and scheduling a Discovery Call.

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