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Firearm Safety for Women at Athena Gun Club

Increase your firearm confidence in a safe and friendly environment.

Article by Memorial Lifestyle Staff

Photography by Photography courtesy of Athena Gun Club

Originally published in Memorial Lifestyle

What are the benefits of women taking gun safety training? 

Women become more familiar with safety protocols and procedures involving firearms and in doing so reduce fear and negative stigmas surrounding them, as well as obtain the ability to safely handle them in any scenario. They also take home knowledge they can share with their friends and family who may also be interested. 

Our instructors help develop firearms enthusiasts to meet their specific desires. Whether the focus of training is self-defense, concealed carry, competition, or hunting, we build upon the base of basic "gun" safety and teach each shooter how to maximize their skillset in their particular area of interest.

What topics do gun safety classes at Athena Gun Club cover?

Gun safety is ingrained into every class we teach here at Athena regardless of which topic of study a student may be learning. Important safety protocols such as muzzle discipline (where the barrel is pointing), trigger discipline (never having your finger on the trigger until you're ready to fire), loading the correct ammunition, never shooting when under the influence of drugs or alcohol and wearing ear and eye protection while shooting are covered in every class. 

Who is the ideal candidate for a gun safety class? 

Anyone from a complete novice that may be afraid of guns to the elite professional that carries a firearm on duty every day. Our classes take a walk-crawl-run approach that can turn the novice into a confident and proficient shooter and the professional into an expert marksman. 

What other kinds of safety classes does Athena Gun Club offer? 

All of our classes have safety at the forefront, but two classes that may be more heavily focused on safety vs. performance would be the "rental safety class" in which the student learns the basics of how to safely operate a rental firearm they are interested in and the "essentials" classes. The "essentials" classes may pertain to pistols, rifles, or shotguns but the focus of the class is heavily rooted in safety and basic marksmanship.

The Athena Difference

Excellent Customer Service

Athena is different from other gun clubs or gun ranges by offering top-tier customer service in a friendly, safe environment and working hard to stay current with trends in the industry. 

Safe & Relaxed Environment

Athena’s staff monitors safety via camera making the range environment more relaxed. The gun club also has a full-time gunsmith department to fix guns and do custom gunsmithing. 

Onsite Retail Store 

Their location’s retail store and retail staff are the best in the business. Everything in their store is hand-picked and vetted by their knowledgeable staff. 

Open to the Public 

Athena Gun Club is open to the public. There are three different membership tiers, but anyone can stop in to utilize the facility. There are discounts and promotions four days per week.