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Firefighter Fitness

Valley Fire Captain Shares Fitness Insights

Our West Valley heroes, firefighters, and law enforcement are among some of the most dedicated residents. For firefighters, the rigors of the everyday job require them to stay on top of their physical fitness, including having the ability to run up stairs, climb ladders, and carry dozens of pounds of equipment and possibly people.

Local firefighter Jon Binsbacher, who has been with Daisy Mountain Fire and Medical for nearly 20 years, is currently serving as a Captain and Paramedic, and understands fitness is a main facet of his daily world.

“My fitness regimen has changed over the years, but I’ve consistently had some sort of regimen to follow,” says Binsbacher, adding he remains committed to being active as much as possible.

“Now, at 51 years old, it consists of hiking, mountain biking, light weight training, and occasional yoga. I love getting out on the trails here in Peoria and throughout the North Valley. I typically average 5 to 6 days a week and at least 30 minutes a day,” says Binsbacher.

His physical fitness goals and activity aren't just for his own benefit. He knows there are a lot of people who rely on him to be as healthy as possible.

“Professionally, I am obligated to my fellow firefighters and the residents of the communities we serve to be physically fit," explains Binsbacher. "Whether it’s fighting a house or wildland fire, hiking up a mountain for mountain rescue, or working in a hazmat suit, it’s all physically demanding. I’m more effective overall if I’m physically prepared.”

However, Binsbacher also understands his own personal goals are just as important.

“My motivation for staying fit is enjoying an active lifestyle with my children and grandchildren as long as possible," Binsbacher remarks. "I also want to enjoy many healthy retirement years with my wife and family long after the job.”

Jon Binsbacher

Fire Captain and Paramedic

Physical fitness isn’t just for firefighters. If you are like many of our residents, you're looking for tips and insights on either getting started with a daily exercise regimen or increasing your daily activity.

We asked Jon Binsbacher to share some pointers.

1. Just Start   

It’s okay to start slowly. At the end of the day, the important thing is that you exercise.

2. Know Your "Why"

The “why power” inside you is stronger than your mental and physical willpower. Know why you want to exercise and get fit.

3. Remember the Whole You

Health and wellness start from the inside out, consisting of emotional, spiritual, and physical conditioning.

4. Eat Right

Your body deserves quality food. As they say, “You are what you eat.”