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First Responder of the Month

Michelle Peel

Michelle Peel is a police sergeant assigned to the patrol services division. The reason Peel enjoys her time on the force is because she is a service-minded person who loves being there for others in her community.

“There’s never an absence of entertainment in my profession!” Peel jokingly says. “We meet lots of people who have lots of personalities. I love the people and the laughing.”

As a child Peel aspired to become a marine biologist, however, she decided to join the Army which allowed her to still use her grit, tenacity and resilience.

“I have experience in leadership positions, and because of my military career, becoming a police officer also seemed like a natural transition,” Peel shares.

On Peel’s off days you can find her running, playing with her dogs or reading which helps whenever her days on the line are busy or hectic.

“The shift hours can definitely take a toll on family life, so you have to learn how to balance work and home, “ Peel adds. “We see and deal with a lot of things over the course of our career that many people don't, so it can be a challenge to deal with that.”

Peel’s personal goal is to use her experience to help others figure out what their goals are and help them achieve their dreams. 

“I’m honored and grateful to share a little of my story,” Peel voices.