First Responder of the Month

Fairview Fire Chief — Justin Miller

In a recent interview, Justin Miller, Assistant Fire Chief in Parker for 18 years and Fire Captain with Fairview for 15 years, revealed his profound dedication to smaller communities and the meaningful relationships within the Fairview Fire Department.

Miller's commitment to Fairview is grounded in the intimacy achievable in smaller communities, where connecting with citizens and businesses is crucial for effective public service. Reflecting on his Fairview tenure, he warmly described the close-knit relationships and camaraderie, underscoring the positive environment that enriches the overall experience.

The interview took a poignant turn as Miller shared a glimpse into his personal life. His 5-year-old daughter, Finley, battles DIPG, a terminal brain stem cancer. Despite the challenges, Finley remains vibrant, surrounded by love from her family, including siblings Jaxon and Blake.

To raise awareness about DIPG, Miller urged people to share information and stressed the urgent need for increased attention to this devastating disease affecting 300 children annually. 

Justin Miller personifies dedication, resilience, and community spirit, standing as a symbol of public service in the face of formidable circumstances.

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