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First Responder of the Month

Jessica Bowers

Jessica Bowers’ first brush with obstetrics happened by accident. While a student at Allen High School, she made friends with an older, pregnant coworker at her part-time job. When her friend slipped on a patch of ice at work one day, Bowers took her to the hospital and watched with fascination as doctors and nurses connected her to fetal monitors and worked to ensure her baby's safety.

A few years later, Bowers decided to become a nurse, and that early encounter with obstetrics stuck with her.

An RNC-OB, Bowers’ work has always centered around mothers and babies. She’s worked in pediatrics, quality-management chart review, and high-risk obstetrics. She’s currently a labor and delivery nurse and a charge nurse for her unit. 

Just as Bowers was there for her friend during one of the scariest moments of her life, she’s been there for countless mothers over her nearly 20-year career.

She’s helped deliver innumerable babies – including a couple who insisted on making their debuts in the hospital parking garage.

Being there for her patients is Bowers’ favorite part of the job: “Usually it’s on a really important day in their life. Sometimes it’s the worst day of their life if it’s a loss, but even in those cases, those patients really need you.”

Bowers also takes pride in the skills she’s developed over the years. She doesn’t just do her own job well — she guides new nurses too. “I really like mentoring and being there for other nurses in the charge nurse role.”

Bowers’ smile radiates warmth and kindness. She’s friendly and confident. She’s precisely who you want by your side when you’re in labor — whether you’re surrounded by doctors and nurses or sedans and minivans.