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Fit Body Boot Camp

Tom Hough is on a mission to help others live better, healthier lives.

Dieting seems to be America’s most predictable pastime. The process can lose steam and falter at the beginning, middle, and end. As some experts will tell you, most fail before they even start. “I’ll do it later,” or “after the holidays are over.” There are many excuses.

However, there are some very good reasons most diets die right out of the starting blocks, often leaving people despondent and simply fed up with the process. Enter Tom and Katie Hough of Fit Body Boot Camp in Richardson. Since 2016, the married couple has been serving DFW residents with their special focus on health. Has it worked?

“In that time, our members have lost over 26,000 pounds,” Tom proudly explains. The idea germinated in the wake of the death of Tom’s brother at only 33 years of age. That’s when the couple decided to share their innovative fitness ideas with a wider audience, and Fit Body Bootcamp was born. Today, it is a comprehensive fitness and fat-loss program.

“Our mission is to help our members live better through our fitness, nutrition, and mindset coaching,” Tom says. All of the couple’s programs include unlimited group personal training sessions, customized nutrition programs, and smart accountability coaching.

“The number one priority is helping our members—our ‘Fit’ family—get the results they want,” he says. Tom and Katie and their Fit Body Boot Camp staff have had tremendous success stories over the last six years. “We have helped folks lose weight, become stronger, more confident, and seriously changed their lives,” Tom says. “As we say at Fit Body: We are in the results business, and business is booming.”

What differentiates Fit Body Boot Camp from other Dallas area wellness operations? “We’re not a gym...we are a coaching program,” Tom says. “Other facilities offer one thing: access to equipment that most folks don’t know how to properly utilize.”

Fit Body Boot Camp workouts are based on science. They are finely tuned for each individual’s needs, specifically designed by expert coaches to achieve the best fitness results.

“We have a solution for all of the traditional reasons why people fail in their fitness and weight loss attempts, which is why we include important nutrition programs as well as accountability coaching for all our members,” Tom adds.

With plenty of fitness and training options around DFW, what else does Fit Body Boot Camp offer? “Well, we guaranteed results, which is unique, to say the least. Also, ours is a comprehensive fitness solution administered in a supportive, and friendly community.”

Learn about additional programs at or, or call (972) 855-8938.