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Fit Body. Fit Mind. 

Kelly Sullens Opened Fit Body Boot Camp to Welcome All

Fit Body Boot Camp aims to make working out fun and welcoming for everyone. 

That is a vision Peoria resident Kelly Sullens fell in love with when she learned about the Fit Body Boot Camp model. At the time, she was living in Orange County, CA with her husband. She felt unfulfilled in her career so decided to open up her own Fit Body Boot Camp. 

Sullens Moves to North Peoria

Various reasons kept Sullens from setting up shop in California, so she and her husband sold their home, quit their jobs and moved to Arizona. Five years ago they opened their first Fit Body Boot Camp franchise in the Arrowhead area. Three years later they opened a second Fit Body on Lake Pleasant Road. 

Before becoming proprietors in the fitness industry, Sullens worked in IT and her husband was a photojournalist at the OC Registrar. “This was a big leap but everything aligned to make it work, so we did it,” says Sullens. 

What is Fit Body Boot Camp?

Fit Body Boot Camp offers members 30-minute circuit training sessions that are easily adaptable to every fitness level. The workout doesn't include the use of machinery or equipment. Instead, it focuses on using the person's own body weight for resistance. 

“It's designed to be short, sweet, and always a good time,” explains Sullens. “There are different stations and it's a different workout every day." 

The Arrowhead and Lake Pleasant locations have seven trained coaches who rotate between locations. The facilities are co-ed, welcoming to all.

“Our members love working out with us, they feel comfortable and never shamed,” says Sullens. “That's what we hear the most, that people felt shamed or embarrassed at other gyms. That's not the case here. We welcome everybody. We have someone who recently had a hip replacement and one who is 88 years old!”

Sullens' Tips for Health and Fitness 

  1. Eat more lean protein! Protein keeps the body satiated and helps burn fat. 

  2. Eat several small meals throughout the day. Never starve yourself and then have a big meal at night. It's best to “stoke your fire.”

  3. Stop stepping on the scale. It can be discouraging and inaccurate. The best way to measure your progress is by paying attention to how clothes fit. 

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