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Patty Lauren, FitStyleKnox

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Fitness Favorites

from FitStyleKnox

1. Since most of the week I’m in the car driving between clients, I love I can fill this 1/2 gallon jug and stay hydrated all day.

2. From training clients to a yoga class to date night, this scarf can be worn traditionally or turned into a chic top. 

3. Stick one of these in a travel bag and you can get a full-body, crazy good workout on the go! Never underestimate a band workout.

4. I’m old school and write everything down! This planner starts with me at 5 am and includes daily gratitude reflections, monthly/yearly goals. It helps keep my professional and personal life on track.

5. These face and body planet based wipes are perfect for busy, sweaty days in between training clients and teaching classes.

  • 4. DayDesigner Planner
  • 5. HoneyPot Daily Wipes
  • 1. HydroJug water bottle
  • 2. Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf
  • 3. PerformBetter Mini Band