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Release Your Inner Phoenix With Coach Placid Ajoku

When did your certified fitness coaching career begin and how?

My love for fitness began as a really skinny freshman in high school researching strategies and implementing my own workouts. Around school people noticed my changes from 146 lbs. to 228lbs. at 8 % body fat in just 2 years. From then, I aspired to help others change their bodies as well.  I graduated from Lenoir-Rhyne University with a B.A. in Health and Exercise Science. Shortly after, I got my personal training certification through NASM.

Following my football playing career with the New York Jets, I coached at James Madison University. We won the Division-1 FCS Nation Championship during my first year as a coach. The first player I coached got signed to the Washington Redskins. From there, I set out to combine my passion for coaching and fitness.


What aspects of your prior professional football career influenced your personal training methods?

Repetition and consistency: when you do things right over and over, it leads to big plays and wins. The same is true for health and fitness, leading to major transformations for clients in how they look and feel. Both become their “normal.”  


What can clients expect to achieve at Built Phoenix Strong? What sets your fitness program apart from others?

Clients can and should expect to achieve a permanent change in their health and fitness in a timely manner. This program is different because it sets you up to sustain your results forever. Many fads out there can help people reach their goals, but with temporary results 90% of the time.

“I stand firm on the principle that a house built on a poor foundation will always collapse. I aspire to teach each and every client how to reach their goals fast, instilling the fundamentals of nutrition, portion control, accountability, efficient workout design and sustainability, so that YOU become a healthier YOU.”


Which of your training packages can accommodate busy work schedules? 

The most common thing that holds people back from their health goals is a busy schedule, traveling for work, etc. To combat this, we also offer a virtual package that allows clients to download my workout app and get trained virtually. We strive to make it as easy as possible.


Does substandard nutrition sabotage the hard work put into exercising?

Yes, despite what many want to think. You cannot out train a bad diet. Smart food choices and exercising go hand in hand at Built Phoenix Strong. Extreme restrictions are not the answer either. On my initial consultations, I explain to clients the metabolism calculator and how having a bad meal sets them back.


Health & Fitness Coach Placid Ajoku 

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