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Five Kids Who Love School

It’s that time again…our kids are back in school! New teachers, new supplies, new friends, new clothes and maybe even a new school. Every year parents spend weeks planning schedules, buying supplies and preparing their kids for another successful year of school. Kids, on the other hand, may be feeling a little sad to see summer come to end, or even a little nervous about their new school year. Luckily, these new school year jitters won’t last long.

Take it from these kids, despite the moans of doing homework and the groans of having to wake up early—they really do love school.

"What I love about high school is the great support system that I have from both teachers and friends."

—Hannah Yahne, Junior at Campbell High School

"I love that school is very diverse, and it provides plenty of room to grow as a person."

—Carter Evans, eighth-grader at Griffin Middle School

"I love my teachers. They are kind, and when I need help, they help me."

—Austin Li, fourth-grader at King Springs Elementary School

"At my school, Nickajack, the teachers are all really nice. They treat me like family. They make learning fun, not boring. Math is my favorite, but recess is fun too."

—Bella Hentz, third-grader at Nickajack Elementary School 

"Recess, reading and my teachers...I love my teachers!"

—Brayden Smith, second-grader at Smyrna Elementary School