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Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

“Our bodies are wonderfully made,” shares Dr. Jim Roles of Five Parks Chiropractic in Arvada. “If we take care of what we've been given, we can expect to live a long, prosperous, and healthy life.” 

Chiropractic care, which began in the late 1800s, is rooted in neurological science. “The first individual treated was deaf and his hearing was restored,” explains Dr. Roles. “My job is to help restore neurological function which is almost always brought on by some physical trauma. This could be from birth or accidents involving autos, bicycles, swing sets … you name it.”

This trauma causes a subluxation, a term used to describe the spine negatively influencing the nervous system due to misalignment. Ensuring proper alignment allows the nervous system to restore the body’s natural healing process, which improves sleep and energy, reduces pain, and promotes increased cognitive function.

Dr. Roles said the body’s nervous system functions in one of two states: sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic nervous system, often known to control our “fight or flight” mechanism, puts the body in protection mode. The parasympathetic nervous system allows the body to grow and heal.

“The fight or flight only does one good thing … it protects us,” says Dr. Roles. “In every other area, it hurts us – in our cognitive abilities, digestion, ability to sleep, etc. Using chiropractic care, we can help reduce that buildup ... allowing the body to live in a state of growth and healing rather than in protection mode.”

For children to have optimal growth and development, it is important to keep these systems in balance. “Children with anxiety, ODD, ADHD, and even autism spectrum disorders are living in a constant state of fight or flight,” explains Dr. Roles. “So every decision, emotion, sensation, touch, noise, and visual is very exaggerated. If we can find a way to get these children back into a dominant parasympathetic lifestyle, then we won't need to medicate them.”

“In addition to helping neuro-atypical kids, I help moms who are pregnant – even those who are healthy with no pain – to have the best birth possible so their children don't have to recover from birth trauma,” he adds. Using the Webster technique, Dr. Roles ensures the most favorable environment for baby’s growth and development plus physical alignment to decrease trauma at birth. “If we can get mom's nervous system healthy for hormone and blood development, growth, and calm while getting the pelvis ready for delivery, we minimize potential negative stress on the baby's nervous system.” 

Babies often exhibit signs of a stressed nervous system early. The symptoms present as a fussy or colicky baby or with difficulty latching/eating, sleeping, and going to the bathroom. Dr. Roles helps babies as young as newborns. “When I’m working with an infant, the work is very, very gentle,” he says. “We make sure they don’t feel any discomfort.”

The team enjoys working with people of all ages. Dr. Roles and his team strive to be proactive, not reactive, when it comes to keeping patients healthy. “We help people who are healthy and have good nutrition and exercise habits, but want to extend the quality and the length of their life as well,” says Dr. Roles, “and we do all that through functional neurology.” 


Visit fiveparkschiropractic.com. Follow @FiveParksChiropractic on Facebook and Instagram. Located at 13825 W 85th Dr, Suite 230, appointments can be scheduled online or by calling 720-462-3704.

"If we take care of what we've been given, we can live a long, healthy life.”

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