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Five Reasons Why We Love Oak Steakhouse

Nashville's Modern Take On A Classic American Steakhouse

1. New Executive Chef Scott Kroener

Kroener has over 20 years of experience in steakhouses around the country and oversees the kitchen as well as spearheads the steakhouse’s culinary program with a strong focus on seasonal ingredients and reinvented classics. Deliciousness! 

2. The ambiance

The soft lighting, the contemporary vibe, the interior aesthetic and the quality service all contribute to the restaurant's strong character and atmosphere.

3. Buttercake

Nothing tastes finer than this delectable desert with bourbon caramel and rotating gelato. Make sure to save room. Your tastebuds will thank you. 

4.  Robert Spanburgh, Waiter

The New Jersey transplant who has lived here now for 23 years, knows a thing or two about customer service. His desire to help people and his attention to detail are second to none. He's a breath of fresh air. 

5. Monday Martini Hour

A weekly special highlighting the steakhouse’s featured martinis, including the Highclere 50/50 and the famous Cumberland River Dirty. Start the week off right from 5-6:30 pm every Monday.