Five Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

YouTube creator and cleaning expert, Amy Darley, shares her top tips for getting your home Spring ready.

With the change of season, comes the opportunity for change in your home. This is easiest accomplished through the popular event of spring cleaning.  It is said that warm weather and longer days is what encourages our brains to kick into decluttering and deep cleaning. We made it through the holidays and are ready for a stress-free environment. Having a clean home is a great place to start in your journey to joy.

Amy Darley, YouTube Creator and cleaning aficionado shares her tips and tricks for spring cleaning our most beloved place, our homes. 

With over 160,000 subscribers to her YouTube Channel, Amy inspires families by cleaning, organizing and decorating. “Having a clean home just makes people happier and less stressed. Spring cleaning gives us a chance to thoroughly clean our homes, declutter and even organize." She has more than 300 videos that will encourage you to make your home a place of peace.

We are grateful for her knowledge and willingness to share her top 5 tips for a successful and satisfying spring cleaning. While spring cleaning is a once a year activity, we do encourage you to apply these tips throughout the year.

Step 1: Make a plan

Make a list and check it twice. Write out a plan or create a spring cleaning list, if you need assistance here, Pinterest is a great resource. Break your house into zones, it can be overwhelming otherwise. Below is an example of what your zones might look like.

Zone 1- Bedrooms

Zone 2 - Bathrooms

Zone 3 - Office and playroom 

Zone 4 - Kitchen, dining room, and living room

Zone 5 - Laundry room

Zone 6 - Outdoors

Step 2: Find the right cleaning products

This is not a one size fits all situation. You need to find cleaning products that compliment your home. “Using good quality products that smell nice is a game-changer,” Amy says. Each family is different, finding the right scent for you is part of the fun. She recommends Mrs. Meyer's multi-surface spray. Her favorite scents are Honeysuckle and Peony. 


Step 3: Push play

Grab your earbuds and set the mood. Whether this is an audiobook, music or podcast, listening to something you love will inspire your spring cleaning. “Whatever media you're into, I recommend pushing play to help pass the time and make it more enjoyable."


Step 4: Set a timer

Motivate yourself by setting a timer, especially if you don’t have the whole day to clean. Amy recommends power cleaning for an hour, followed by a break, before tackling it again. It is important to take a breather so you don’t burn yourself out. Hey, while you’re at it, turn on your activity tracker to count steps and calories burned. Cleaning is a great workout.


Step 5: Top to bottom and left to right

The most efficient way to deep clean a room is from top to bottom and left to right. This will save you time and keep you focused as you clean. Cleaning from top to bottom makes it so you never clean twice. Starting at the top allows the dust to collect at the bottom. Moving from left to right ensures that you aren’t missing anything while cleaning. And always clean the floors last.

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