Five Things to Expect When Adopting a Dog

Sound Advice from Meridian Canine Rescue

Article by Kim Jones

Photography by Julie Meyer

Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

In 2015, Coldwell Banker partnered with Adopt-A-Pet to encourage shelter dog adoption through their Homes for Dogs Project. Their initial goal was to rally CB’s vast network of offices and realtors to assist in finding homes for 20,000 needy pups, a goal that was met by September of that year. Now in its fourth year, the project has helped thousands more homeless and deserving shelter dogs find their forever homes. Locally, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Group partners with the valley’s shelters to bring attention to the benefits of adopting. Jessica Ewing, executive director of Meridian Canine Rescue, shares the top five things to expect when you adopt.

1. The Ride Home: After you leave the shelter, there’s a moment on your way home when your adopted dog knows something is different. Life just changed for both of you, and you can see him start to adjust to the newness. Remember this moment. It’s your first step together.
2. That First Month: As you and your dog adjust to life together, you learn all about your pet's unique personality. Maybe he enjoys sunbathing. Maybe he’s crazy about your kids. Maybe his favorite snack is a carrot. Every day, you see a new side of him.
3. Moments of Unexpected Joy: Your dog will fall madly in love with you and with his new life. He’ll develop a serious case of wiggle butt whenever you come home from work. He’ll run zoomies to show you just how much fun he’s having—now that he’s with you.
4. Lessons Learned: Your dog’s prior experiences might not lead him to behave exactly as you’d like. Take a deep breath and know that you two are in this together. As you show him what to do, remember that he’s also teaching you a lot about yourself and about patience.
5. His Life: The most important reason to adopt is him, your new dog. You’ve given him a second chance at a lifetime of happiness. And by doing so, you’ve opened space in the shelter for another homeless dog in need. You chose adoption. You saved lives.

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