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Five Fashionable Floors for 2023

Article by Roland Thompson

Photography by Flooring photography provided by Mannington Mills and their local distributor Elias Wilf

Originally published in Frederick Lifestyle

When it comes to flooring, the trends seem to hold fast until a new and great product gets introduced. One of those types of products came into the industry some years back. Also known as LVT (Luxury vinyl tile) and LVP (Luxury vinyl plank), these products  have held the top spot for quite a few  years because of what they  have to offer—waterproof and resistant to scratches, stains and dents. LVT and LVP come in a wide range of colors and designs, and cost  less than wood flooring but provide a similar look.

Real wood flooring is still a popular  choice. You cannot beat the beauty of real hardwood flooring. The thinner strip wood  is a dated look;  the wider planks are the most popular. The hand-scrapped, distressed and chiseled look provides beauty to any home. Laminate, a  hot product from some years past,  is making a comeback. Laminates are cost-effective and relatively easy to install in a home. They are durable and stand up to staining and scratching, making them particularly useful in properties with children and pets.

Carpet trends this year focus on the softness of the new fibers and the ability to be easily cleaned.  The new graphics and patterns have made carpet a great choice in areas where you want that soft feel. Carpet can also be used to make a stylish and modern statement. Low-pile options can help you retain a sleek and polished look while still benefiting from the softness, insulating  and sound-dampening properties. Natural fibers continue to be the choice for high-end users. 

Ceramic tiles are a staple product that has been around for ages. This season, statement tile selections are all the rage. Tile is durable, easy to clean and perfect for water-prone locations in your home. Decorative tiles come in a wide range of patterns and stylistic choices to make a statement.  With the new tiles that are out there today, design and color are endless. It is a product that will last for years to come if installed correctly.

About Roland Thompson

In 1972, Roland joined Carpets Inc. as a residential and commercial installer. Drawing from his experience at Carpets Inc, four years later, Roland set out on his own as a residential, commercial and governmental subcontractor. Roland’s craftsmanship and outstanding service won him contracts for the Camp David Presidential Retreat under five United States Presidents, along with other prestigious jobs for movie stars, luxury hotel brands and many government agencies, including those requiring top-secret clearance.  His expertise is sought after by many industry professionals.

Roland has achieved great success in the flooring business, all while being a loving husband and father to his wife Robin and five kids, and a grandfather to his ten grandchildren. He has volunteered his time and expertise to organizations such as Building for America’s Bravest, ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover, Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible, DIY Stone House Revival and has served on many industry boards, councils and associations.

Roland continues to make a positive impact on the flooring industry by offering flooring installation training courses, providing consulting services and sharing his expertise as an industry speaker.

  • Photo credit: T. Kowalsky Photography