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Learn how to decorate a high-end Christmas party table with premier florist Bloom and Leaf

Would you like an elegant holiday table runner this year? You can make one yourself, with just some simple materials and a little time, complete with your own personal touches. Gather holiday greens (pine, ivy, etc.), a cutting tool, some bind wire, and a length of rustic wire for the "spine." Then, add whatever decorations you like—ornaments, berries, pine cones, you name it! Bloom and Leaf can help you get the supplies you need to get started.

  1. On a nice runner, if you have one, lay out rustic wire that's a few inches shorter than you want the garland to be. The greens will spill over the ends. Trim and attach the stems of greens with twists of bind wire, enough to hide the wire and help the greens look nice and full. This is the base for your display.

  2. Add pieces of decor to make your table runner "pop.” Go crazy with colors, if you want. Or not! It's up to you and the theme of your holiday celebration. You don't have to limit yourself to the traditional red and green.

  3. Set some feature items around the display, such as candles to light up your beautiful work. For those using real candles, watch those flames! Otherwise, you can use electric lights and relax.

Celia Malkemus, owner of Bloom and Leaf, creates unique floral arrangements fit for any special event during the holiday season. Browse her designs and shop for table runners at:

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