Flowers on Saturn

Kat Merryfield and Emily Kapowski Curate a Women's Wellness Haven

When it comes to living healthy lives, our minds tend to default to time spent in the gym or prepping the perfect green smoothie. However, the importance of our health in every aspect should not be understated. Flowers on Saturn aims to serve as a place that tends to customers’ needs, while simultaneously providing a safe space to discuss all aspects of health. At Flowers on Saturn, customers can take a deep breath and simply relax. You can’t help but want to stay awhile as soon as you step in the door.

Kat Merryfield and Emily Kapowski have curated a wellness haven at Flowers on Saturn. With a firm belief that self-care should be a ritual, in their shop, customers can find an assortment of luxury chocolate, tea, and health products. Merryfield and Kapowski have an aura about them that is comforting, safe, and inviting. They model complete transparency in all things and highlight that everything about their shop design and aesthetic was completed entirely by women. Additionally, all of the items in the shop including: skin-care products, chocolates, jewelry, tea, books, and health items are by women-owned brands. 

In an age where people are beginning to actively seek alternatives to prescription medication, the Flowers on Saturn team aims to create a place for women to have conversations about and explore these alternatives without shame or judgment. When there is a lot of information, there is also a lot of misinformation and with that often comes skewed perspectives and heightened opinions. “Times are changing and people's minds are opening," said Kopowski. Merryfield added, "People need a respectable and responsible place where they can get educated on what their body needs and we do that. Here, we can educate you on how our products can enhance your life and help with your mental health and sleep patterns." 

Emily notes, "Those who will read this article are our clientele. The women who come in here are very interested in what we offer. Every woman who has come in here with concerns, whether they be mental, emotional, or physical has left here feeling better. They leave relieved. We are a safe space no matter what." Kat nodded in agreement adding, "We offer educational classes and sound bathing with the monthly ritual boxes. We create an experience our customers can take home and use during the month and come back the next month to join others. So many women come in looking for a tribe and they find it here because these are their people. But where would they gather if they didn’t have a safe space?” Emily further added, “Women come in here and realize that they have issues in common with one another, and all of a sudden they don’t feel alone and are empowered to move through their feelings with someone else that understands even if it's just Kat or I." 

As Kat stood in the entry that separates the two areas of the store, she explained, "I had a conversation with somebody recently where they expressed that their significant other has a hard time with them talking to their friends about intimacy, but that they didn’t know what else to do. We weren't equipped, any of us, to actually navigate this. It is suppressed from the moment we are born and most of us only ever really learn basic anatomy. So, what do we do when we have questions? If people are too embarrassed to talk to their friends–the people they are closest to, what do they do? That’s where we come in. We educate. We even have male customers who come in wanting to be more informed. It's like therapy. That's why people need to know we are here."

At a time when social media and society can heighten insecurities, and create false narratives about self-care and women in shared spaces, Flowers on Saturn is breaking barriers without apology. An August 2023 Time Magazine reported that almost a third of U.S. adults report symptoms of depression or anxiety, roughly three times as many in 2019, and those numbers are expected to rise. So, where can people turn to attempt to address possible root causes of their anxiety or feelings they have suppressed or been too embarrassed to discuss? With crowns in stock, tea brewing, and space to just be, Flowers on Saturn has their ears, arms, and doors open.

To learn more about Flowers on Saturn, shop online, or sign up for an upcoming class, visit: flowersonsaturn.com.

Times are changing and people's minds are opening.

Every woman who comes in leaves feeling relieved. We are a safe space no matter what.

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