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Meet Thomas from Ascent Eyes

as·​cent | \ ə-ˈsent  , a- \

a: the act of rising or mounting upward : CLIMB

completed their ascent of the mountain

b: an upward slope or rising grade : ACCLIVITY

followed the steep ascent to the top of the hill


+ Cartier

+ Gucci

+ Versace

+ St. Laurent

My Motto:

“Instead of fear controlling me, I control my fear”

How I put my motto into practice:

Mountaineering = Strapping in and climbing rocks to over 14,000 feet. 

Scariest Climb to Date:

Longs Peak - The 15 mile trail 

Best 14er for a Beginner:

Mount Bierstadt. 

Reward at the End of the Journey:

Bourbon. Specifically Weller 12-Year.



It’s not every day that you meet a mountain-climbing, whiskey-loving optician who is also a Colorado native ... so today is your lucky day. Introducing Thomas Cervantes, the Director of Operations at Ascend Eyes. Born, raised and educated in Denver, Cervantes not only loves providing eye health, he is also on the board of the Optician Association, advocating strongly for more training and continuing education for opticians. For the past four years, Thomas has been giving the gift of clear vision and high fashion to those of us who need a little help in that department. By providing personalized service with a wide range of designer frames, Ascent Eyes is the one-stop shop for your yearly eye exams and any correction that may be needed.

“The one bit of wisdom I would impart to others is that you can have clear vision and still have eye health issues,” says Cervantes. “A yearly exam will test for many of the things that have to do with the health of the eyes, and help that may be needed. Don’t rely on failing vision to signal the need for an eye check-up.” Thankfully, Ascent Eyes provides everything you and your family would need for healthy eyes and vision, along with the latest in designer frames. 

Come in to Ascent Eyes and let Cervantes help you see things clearly. Ask him to tell you about his harrowing experience on Longs Peak and how he is actively conquering fear in his life. His driving factor each day? “Helping people see better, and then watching the difference it makes in their everyday life.”

Thank you Thomas, for the gift of vision. 

Ascent Eyes has two locations for your convenience. Call today to make an appointment in Parker 303.805.7300  or Castle Pines 303.688.3022

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