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Get your finances in shape in the new year

We work hard for our money, and when choosing a financial specialist, we want to make sure that person understands our lifestyles and goals. After all, we’re not just planning for now, but for long into the future as well.

“We come up with a plan first, of course, then we create a financial relationship, because trust develops over time,” says Joseph Spina, president and financial advisor with Evergreen Financial Group, LLC. “It can be a daunting task because sometimes you turn into a counselor more than a financial advisor. When people have marital problems or one of their relatives die, I often get the first call.”

In this uncertain economy, people are especially nervous about their financial health. “Most people have their money in a 401(k),” he says. “The rest of the money that they make they’re using to raise their families and oftentimes spending more than they make. So this retirement plan is their only way to save for retirement.”

He adds, “Some advisors charge for financial plans, but my financial plans are free.”

Almost 95% of his business is related to retirement savings, and the most frequently asked question is, “Do I have enough money for retirement?” He answers this question.

“If they have a current 401(k), or if they have an old 401(k), we see how much they put into it. Then we look at how it's invested inside of that 401(k). We calculate this until, let's say, age 65. And if you have, for example, a million dollars at 65, well, that's great, but what does that actually mean?

“People don't realize that this million may have to last them another 30 plus years. My father just turned 96. So how much can they take from that million without running out? Once we understand this, we can then go into investments and income and growth and talk about the economy and understand it all.”

At that point, he takes on the responsibility to invest the money judiciously, without panicking when the market gets volatile. “People might have looked at their retirement accounts lately and wanted to jump out the window, but from 2010 to 2021, you practically couldn't lose money. This year's tough. I take the emotions out of it - people often make the wrong emotional decisions and need to trust me to invest their money appropriately for their ages and years to retirement.”

A financial advisor since 2010, Joseph founded Evergreen Financial Group, LLC a few years ago, and he has three additional financial advisors, Marc Papa, Kevin Rudd and Dee Walker, who are able to professionally guide and educate their clients. Completing the team are his two assistants, Jill Sodano and LeeAnn Sandberg. Previously in Morristown, the company relocated to Bedminster in November.

In addition to retirement planning (which includes converting old 401(k)s into IRAs), his other main services include assisting people with college savings for children or grandchildren and investing any money that’s left over to some day fulfill a dream they’ve always had. 

Born and raised in New Jersey (he grew up in Lyndhurst and now lives in Wayne), Joseph actually bought a house in Point Pleasant last year. “My wife Susan and I just love the Jersey shore. My goal was to buy a shore house one day and luckily we were able to afford it. We go crabbing off the dock all the time.”

He is a also a Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Team Member. “Dave Ramsey is the largest syndicated radio host in the country,” he says. “He's not a financial advisor; he is a get-out-of-debt guy. He vets you and makes sure you're legitimate. He has a referral service, and that's how I built up my business. Literally, 99% of my clients are through this service.”

For more information about Evergreen Financial Group, LLC and how Joseph and his team can assist you with your goals, go to www.evergreen-fa.com.

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An independent financial advisor and the founder of Evergreen Financial Group, LLC, Joseph Spina expertly assists clients with financial planning and investment needs. He specializes in working with retirement-focused clients.

Securities and investment advisory services offered through SagePoint Financial, Inc. (SPF), member FINRA/SIPC. SPF is separately owned and other entities and/or marketing names, products or services referenced here are independent of SPF.

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“There are 10,000 people a day turning 65 years old for another 17 years, and they're called Baby Boomers. That’s who most of our clientele are, but we work with anybody who walks into our office.”

“I take the emotions out of it - people often make the wrong emotional decisions and need to trust me to invest their money appropriately for their ages and years to retirement.”

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