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Foltz Fine Art Portraits

Evamaria Foltz creates one-of-a-kind portraits that will treasured forever

     Evamaria Foltz of Foltz Fine Art Portraits has a creative mindset and captures unique portraits tailored specifically to you. Her inspiration starts with the individual person and she considers things like their skin tone, personal style, and other features and then adds specific elements to the portraits to complement those things. For this shoot, Evamaria chose a one-of-a-kind couture gown. “It’s obviously very bold and it was kind of like a glam bridal portrait,” says Evamaria. Baby’s Breath was used as an accessory along with gold and green jewelry. “I actually did research online about the meanings of different flowers and I chose baby’s breath because they are typically used for occasions like weddings. They’re delicate and dainty but even when they are dried out, they still look beautiful. It’s one of those flowers that stays in the same condition and is representative of new marriage, it changes but they stay the same and is still useful,” says Evamaria. The makeup is a natural glam and features pops of green to bring out the eyes and complement the emerald jewels. 

     Taking portraits with Evamaria is more of a storytelling experience than a photographic experience. “There are some things that you can only experience once in your life and this is supposed to be one of those moments where you come in and you’re investing in something that your grandchildren will be keeping in their house. This is heirloom quality,” says Evamaria. “I think sometimes digital photography loses its appreciation because you post it on Facebook and then you forget about it. You might share it in a Facebook memory a year from now or five years from now, but you’re not actually appreciating what you did every single day. Every time you walk by something that’s hung up in your house, you think, ‘Wow, that’s me and that’s beautiful’. It never loses its value like posting something online would,” says Evamaria. 

     After a discovery call, you have an in-person styling consultation where Evamaria presents a lookbook that incorporates your ideas and the input of other professionals such as an interior designer and hair and makeup artists. “I go to their house and I get a feel for the aesthetic around their home so I can design their portraits, wall art, or albums to match their house. If you’re going to have something hanging on your wall, it needs to go with everything else as a part of your decoration,” says Evamaria.

     Evamaria guides her clients through every step, incorporating her expertise and creating a collaborative vision. “If we’re not doing the couture gowns, I help them pick out their clothes so they don’t have to worry about that, or we can meet at the mall and go shopping together. During the portrait sessions, they get complimentary professional hair and makeup. I cater to whatever they need to feel comfortable. If they have children, my assistant is CPR certified and has experience in childcare. They are also welcome to bring a guest with them if they want to bring their mom or spouse. After the portraits, we will sit together and I’ll narrow it down to the top fifty portraits. Then they will hand pick their favorites and only purchase what they love and what makes sense for their taste and budget,” says Evamaria.

     “I love what I do because I get to be extra with everything I do and work with people who may be a little extra themselves. I make things happen that people never thought could happen or could never imagine themselves in one of my portraits. When they see themselves and start crying or even when they post the digital version on Facebook, they’re so proud of themselves and I’m proud of them. I get really attached to people and I love learning about different kinds of people, different cultures, and just celebrating people. I get to do that for work and I think it’s a real privilege and real luxury that I have,” says Evamaria.

Follow the Foltz Fine Art Portraits page on Facebook and Instagram at @foltzfineartportraits to see more of Evamaria’s work. To Schedule a discovery call, visit or call (706)250-1223. Evamaria’s podcast, Clever Entrepreneurship, shares helpful information for aspiring business owners and is on every podcast platform for free. Evamaria is also a volunteer photographer with nonprofit Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, a free bereavement photography service. For more information, visit