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Nashville Born Health Food Cafe And Local Juice Bar Inspires Wellness From Within

Article by Sophie Brock

Photography by Jessica Amerson Photography

Originally published in Brentwood Lifestyle

Being healthy can look like an array of things. One way of being healthy that is oftentimes overlooked is having a healthy relationship with food. Robbie Nowinski, the founder of E+ROSE, has taken some time to discuss what a healthy relationship with food looks like. E+ROSE’s motto is “Eat Well, Be Kind," which strives to inspire wellness by cultivating a lifestyle for longevity. 

How did you create E+ROSE, and how did being a dietitian consultant impact that?

"As a dietitian consultant, I was in and out of hospitals nearly every day. I lived and worked in both Los Angeles and New York, and saw firsthand how sick people had become. I knew I needed to be a part of a solution for people to not get sick in the first place, and to build a community around food as medicine. Living and working in Manhattan, I would frequently spend my Sundays reading in various cafes throughout the city. Two authors in particular were really inspiring: John Mackey and his idea of 'Conscious Capitalism,' and Howard Schultz and his ability to create a brand synonymous with a global commodity. If you combine the two, Whole Foods and Starbucks, what do you get? This was the original premise for E+ROSE. Something uncommon, something relatable, and something highly impactful."

What made you interested in nutrition?

"I played hockey my entire life and discovered over the years how different my performance would be when paying attention to what I ate. In college, I was intending to go to medical school, however I discovered dietetics, and really took great interest in diving deeper into the world of nutrition. The more I learned, the more I wanted to do more directly in the field. I found it fascinating how changes in what you eat has an impact on everything."

What does a healthy relationship with food look like?

"There is a saying in medicine that 'the dose makes the poison.'  A healthy relationship with food is understanding the importance of moderation. Your overall health is not going to change with one meal, for the better or the worse. If you eat cookies every day, over time you are going to likely be very unhealthy and sick, but if you indulge periodically and eat well most of the time, then you are probably going to be just fine."

What are some steps people can take toward achieving a healthy relationship with food?

"Be more forgiving and kind to yourself and know that health and wellness is a journey and a lifestyle, not a daily destination. If you typically have dessert every day, start with having an apple or some other fruit for dessert for a specific set amount of time, perhaps a week to start. If you fail the first go-around, try again. Worst case, maybe you at least had a couple of days of better eating. Once you hit your goal, expand it further. You will never achieve beyond what you thought you could if you condemn tomorrow to be like yesterday. You have to keep moving and changing and striving to improve, and small steps ultimately lead to big change."

What’s your favorite part about E+ROSE?

"One of our mottos at E+ROSE is 'Eat Well, Be Kind.' I love our culture of caring for our community through providing nourishing food options in a welcoming atmosphere. Our mission is to inspire wellness by cultivating a lifestyle for longevity and it is that community around healthy food that I love most."

What’s next for E+ROSE?

"We are looking to expand with our first location outside of Tennessee next year. Our goal is 100 locations in the next five years and ultimately to be the premier wellness-focused brand in the world. Yes, these are some huge, lofty goals, but we operate with the premise that if conventional thinking makes our mission impossible, then unconventional thinking is necessary."

Anything else?

"Globally, we spend more years in poor health than at any point in history, and an unhealthy diet is the leading risk factor for illness. We believe in food as medicine, and higher nourishment leading to an improved quality of life. Our mission at E+ROSE is to inspire wellness by cultivating a lifestyle for longevity. We intend to help be a part of the solution; to defy mortality. Our premium experience, highest quality, healthy offerings deliver increased well being from within. From start to finish, in all we do, our atmosphere, attitude, service and product improve the health and lives of our communities in which we operate."


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