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Food trucks have taken our community by storm!

Whatever you are hungry for, you will find something to love.

The Hungry Hatch  

“When we first decided to open up our food truck, it was from the desire to provide Kansas City with healthy street food options because quite frankly we struggled to find something healthy to eat from food trucks while we were at events,” explains Angela Maciel, owner. “We wondered, ‘Would anyone even eat from a healthy food truck?’ We resolved to give it a shot and HECK YA! You showed up!

Since then, we have become known for our fresh, healthy, and delicious foods not just at events, but also for companies wanting to offer healthy options to their employees, weddings looking to offer something different to their guests, churches providing food to their congregation with lots of different dietary needs, and even invited out to neighborhoods to serve dinners!

Whether you have dietary restrictions or following a healthy lifestyle plan, we got you! But even if you're not, we happily hand out our food to you knowing you will truly enjoy it, even if it is healthy. Come find us at one of our public events and see what we’re all about or bring us to your next event.”

Betty Rae's   

This food truck is an ice cream shop on wheels! The business is named after the original owner’s grandmother, Betty Rae. They carry 15 flavors, the most popular from the shop plus a few vegan flavors in cups or cones; sundaes with caramel and fudge and an assortment of toppings; and root beer floats. Gluten-free cones are on board, and ice cream sandwiches, cookies, brownies, waffle cones and anything else from their store menu is available for a small additional charge.

Alec Rodgers was thrilled to take over ownership of Betty Rae’s last February, noting, “I was a student at UMKC when I began working for them. It was my fun part time job. I fell in love with the shop, the customers and my fellow workers. When the opportunity came up to buy it, I couldn’t pass it up. It’s our shop on wheels. You get the same engagement like at a shop. The truck travels out south, primarily in Overland Park, Leawood and Olathe. We do have quite a few weddings in the Crossroads scheduled.”

He says their most popular flavor is the brown butter and toasted pecans. Everything is house-made from scratch. He believes coming out of 2020 people cut off events and postponed to this year. “We are the busiest we have ever been. We hope to stay consistent and have lots of events rescheduled and people are needing vendors for weddings, events and schools.”

Touring Taps

Touring Taps is locally owned and operated by husband/wife duo Matt and Michelle. They are revolutionizing the way Kansas City drinks. They love all things beer, so don’t be surprised if they turn up at your next gathering and share stories with you! Cheers!

Touring Taps is Kansas City’s only food truck for beer. The unique and innovative draft system is everyone’s favorite way to party. Whether it’s a small get-together or a large gathering, Touring Taps can help turn your event into an experience.

KC Fizzolino  

“We’re a mobile bartending service inside of a 1997 Piaggio Ape Italian truck, aka, a kegerator on wheels. We’re a Prosecco truck, a margarita machine, a beer-slingin’ hooptie, tapping whatever your heart desires. We show up to pour drinks at your private event, including weddings, birthday parties and corporate events,” notes Katie Currid, co-owner of KC Fizzolino.

“My husband, Tyler, served in the U.S. Army, and we were stationed overseas in Italy. We would see these little Italian trucks called Piaggio Apes everywhere as trash trucks in tiny Italian alleys or as coffee trucks at festivals. We were obsessed with them, and, after a bit too much wine one night, decided we should buy one, try to bring one home and turn it into our own wine truck. I found ours on Facebook Marketplace and set up the purchase with my very limited and broken Italian vocabulary. It took us a lot of logistics to figure out how to get it through customs, and it didn’t help that I was eight months pregnant at the time. When we moved from Italy back to Kansas City, the Army shipped our little Ape, and we had it delivered to my dad’s place in Liberty, where we renovated it from a crazy Italian racing machine to the Prosecco truck it is today.

We do a lot of kegs of local beers like KC Bier Dunkel or Boulevard Wheat, but we almost always serve Prosecco. Lately, we’ve done a lot of specialty batched cocktails, and margaritas are really popular. For fall, we like to suggest a really nice, spiked apple cider punch.   

Due to liquor laws, we don’t do many public events, but if a client hires us, we go wherever they want us. We’ve served inside and outside and serve the entire Kansas City metro area, going as far north as St. Joe and as far south as Harrisonville, sometimes further.”, Instagram @kcfizzolino.


Taco Republic 

Grecia Lucas, Sales & Marketing Director says, “We love being able to go out and interact with our local communities. During this pandemic we have seen such an outpour of support for our local business that we have been able to expand into our Prairie Village neighborhood. 

We serve a variety of tacos, dips, and beverages. Popular items vary as much as the nature of the events we attend! We love celebrating with you at weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, public gatherings, graduations, etc. One of our favorites: Tecate Barbacoa is braised in Tecate beer, slow cooked to fork tender, topped with fresh cilantro and diced onions. You can’t go wrong with our S&P Chicken taco. Our chicken is cooked with creamy onions and poblanos to give it an extra pop of flavor then topped with shredded lettuce, Republic cheese blend and fresh pico de gallo made daily. 

Some of our tasty tacos, you can always find our amazing food and drinks at our restaurant locations in Corinth Square (4100 W. 83rd Street, Prairie Village, KS) and Kansas City, KS (500 County Line Rd. Kansas City, KS). If you would like us to come to your next party contact us at If you are looking for our trucks around town, public stops will be listed on our Facebook social media page, @TheTacoRepublic.” 


Happy Belly 

The folks at Happy Belly Food Truck want everyone to have a happy belly. They’re aware everyone has a snack they consistently crave. With their myriad of international fare and street food goodies, they hope to alleviate any itch you need scratching. Ravenous residents across Kansas City, MO need to get out there and find this truck. If you’re on the go, there are loads of handheld goodies to sample. Chow down on, say, a hot dog smothered in provolone cheese and cilantro lime relish, or a good old-fashioned chicken sandwich enhanced with a dose of chili lime yogurt. If you’re looking to sit down and enjoy your feast, there’s bowls and baskets aplenty, stuffed with everything from arepas to waffle fries to mac ‘n cheese. You get the idea—this is one eclectic menu, too vast to sum up here. You’ll have to head on out to Happy Belly Food Truck and peruse it yourself. Or even better? Have them out to cater your next event. MUST TRY Chicken Lollipop Wings—Chicken wings coated in an onion garlic mayonnaise with bones that serve as handles. Plus, it comes with spicy garlic sauce for the dipping.



CoffeeCakeKC is a food truck in Kansas City. Operating since 2010, on their weekly route and at special events, their mobile espresso bar serves the entire KC Metro area from Overland Park to Topeka.

CoffeeCakeKC features gourmet cupcakes and cookies, locally roasted, organic coffee from Mother Earth Coffee, coffee cake baked from a family recipe, and a variety of muffins. They have a full espresso bar, with lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, as well as unique hot chocolates, teas, frappes and fruit smoothies. They serve tea from locally owned Hugo Tea Company. Hand blended and hand packed in KC. The truck carries several Hugo flavors, and they especially love their Chai. Check their calendar for the full schedule of regular stops and special events or contact them today and book your own! Weddings, employee appreciations, parties and festivals. CoffeeCakeKC will bring a fun and casual atmosphere to any occasion.