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J&T Feeds Gives Nutritional Thoughts for Happy and Healthy Pets

Article by Aaron Fongers

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Originally published in Greeley Lifestyle

When it comes to our pets, they’re more like members of our family than a chore or an extra mouth to feed. So when it comes to these bonus family members, proper nutrition is a key factor in ensuring they can enjoy a long, healthy life. For over 20 years, J&T Feeds has prided itself on doing the best it can to keep our furry friends healthy and happy.

“If you were to look at each member of our team, from myself and manager/partner Rob Lambusta to the rest of our staff, we have nearly fifty years of experience with animal nutrition and care,” Teri Segelke, owner and founder of J&T Feeds, shares. “Even with the ever-changing nature of pet nutrition, we consider it an absolute joy to partner with families to ensure that their animals can receive the best food and best lifestyle possible.”

J&T Feeds began with a dream, as Teri took over twenty years of experience in the corporate world of pet nutrition into her own business in 2002, along with her husband and two sons. Today, J&T Feeds serves as a staple in the Northern Colorado community for providing food and animal supplies for a variety of animals—from cats and dogs to farm-fare like cows and horses to chicken and pocket pets. But their dedication to studying pet nutrition and providing personalized suggestions and options puts them ahead above the rest when it comes to animal care.

“With any animal, food sensitivities can play a huge part in their daily living and overall health, impacting anything from skin and gut irritation to a whole host of other issues,” Teri says. “When pets are struggling, we know that helping to provide proper, balanced nutrition can get them back on the right track and provide the highest quality of life, no matter what stage an animal is at.” 

J&T Feeds stocks a variety of animal feed from vendors all over the globe, to provide the best options for animals of any shape and size. Their dedication to knowing their customers and building relationships with them and their animals has provided valuable opportunities to serve the Greeley community and the animals they love with the highest support from community members. 

“We want people to get as much time with their pets as possible,” Teri says. “As people have been so generous to support us and our store, we want to continue to provide the best possible service to the Greeley community with the experience we’ve gathered over the years.”

J&T Feeds' Tips

The Best Diet for Your Pets


J&T Feeds recommends raw feeding or meat-heavy diets. Raw is the cleanest as far as not losing nutrients in the baking process and can address many health and allergy issues. The meat-heavy kibble provides balanced nutrition with ease of the feeding schedule. 

Variety of Protein

The variety of protein choices is key. If your dog has sensitivities to a food, try another protein. Chicken is typically a culprit when it comes to skin sensitivities and gut health. 

Read Nutrition Labels

Read any nutrition labels on your pet food, and see what ingredients you can/can’t identify. The more you know, and the more you get to know your animals' specific dietary needs, the better you can take care of them for a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients to Avoid

Avoid GMO grains such as corn, wheat and soy. Anything created with byproducts prevents your pet from getting the highest quality protein.

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